Things to Do in Vernon Township, New Jersey

Vernon Township is located in Sussex County, New Jersey. The town is about an hour from the New York City Metropolitan Area. Visitors can visit the Appalachian Trail, the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge, and Mountain Creek ski resort.

67 free or cheap things to do in or near Vernon, New Jersey

Located in northern New Jersey, Vernon is easily accessible from NYC through routes like rt 287, rt 23 and rt 515. It is also serviced by NJTransit via buses. The 195 Skyline Express bus from Port Authority costs $14, and places you in nearby Warwick, NY. The town is ideal for outdoor activities, including hiking and skiing. There are several trails, restaurants, and other fun things to do.

Mountain Creek’s Waterpark offers more than two dozen rides, including the Colorado River Ride, the largest water ride in the area. Other attractions include the Canyon Cliff, the highest water ride in the region, and the Thunder Run and The Gualey, which are supercharged whitewater tube rides. A dark, twisting ride known as the Vortex tube speed coaster is also worth a visit. Another thrill ride is the H2Oh-No, which plummets 99 feet!

Appalachian Trail

Hikers in Vernon Township, New Jersey can take advantage of the Appalachian Trail by hiking a 1.3-mile section called the Stairway to Heaven. The trail leads to a vista with panoramic views of the Vernon Valley, Pochuck Valley, Kittatinny Ridge, and Shawangunk Mountains. This section of the trail is one of the most popular in the state and is often crowded.

The hike starts at the Pochuck Boardwalk, a narrow elevated boardwalk that zigzags over wetlands and a cow pasture. There is limited parking along the roadside near the trailhead on Route 517 near Vernon Valley. The trail continues across a 110-foot suspension bridge over Pochuck Creek. At the end of the trail, hikers can relax with a snack at the Heaven Hill Farm.

Located on County Route 517, Vernon Township is home to the Appalachian Trail. The township has made it illegal to park cars on the road and on neighboring residential streets. The trail crosses County Route 517 at a spot where cars are not permitted.

Parking is limited to ten to twelve cars at the trailhead. There are also some restrictions on parking along Route 517, which requires parking permits. It is important to follow the posted signage and use designated parking spaces. There is a small path along the road that leads to the trail kiosk. It is a pleasant walk through a marshy area.

The trail is popular and attracts less experienced hikers who don’t know how to read blazes and don’t follow Leave No Trace principles. This means that the area around the trail is likely to have significant litter and damage. To ensure that hikers don’t accidentally cause damage, the trail is marked by signs and ropes. Hikers should follow white blazes and avoid taking shortcuts as shortcuts can result in erosion.

The trail begins near NJ Route 94. Within 0.2 miles, the trail crosses an active cattle pasture on puneons, 2×8 planks that are made to cross boggy “black dirt.” The trail crosses a railroad track after 0.2 miles. From here, it continues through overgrown fields and forested areas. The trail then converges with Canal Road and ends at a boardwalk.

Mountain Creek ski resort

Mountain Creek is a ski resort located in Vernon Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. It is just 47 miles from the George Washington Bridge and accessible via New Jersey Route 94. The ski area is open to the public during the winter. The resort offers an extensive array of skiing and snowboarding activities for the whole family.

In summer 2012, Mountain Creek added a zip line course above Vernon Peak, a mountain bike park, and an Alpine coaster near the waterpark. Additionally, the resort expanded its tubing park and renamed it the Dropzone. In addition, the resort transferred control of Diablo Mountain Bike Park, which was renamed Mountain Creek Bike Park.

If you are looking for a family-friendly ski and snowboard resort in New Jersey, look no further than Mountain Creek. The resort is located in Vernon Township, New Jersey and offers a diverse array of activities. The surrounding area is rich with farmland and recreational opportunities including apple orchards and horse farms. You can also enjoy hiking and horseback riding in scenic state parks. You can also take advantage of the Appalachian Trail, which winds through Vernon Township.

Mountain Creek is a four-season recreation destination located an hour from New York City. With four peaks and 167 acres of terrain, this resort has something for everyone. Skiers and snowboarders alike will have an unforgettable experience. It is also home to the largest night skiing venue in the state.

In May 2010, Crystal Springs Resort bought Mountain Creek and began making improvements. These improvements included replacing the tent complex and building a new lodge. A new lodge was opened for the 2011-12 ski season. The lodge contains offices, a fine dining restaurant, locker facilities, and an outdoor patio.

While Mountain Creek was a great ski destination for decades, it was plagued by a number of problems. It failed to attract enough visitors. In 1971, Great Gorge, a neighboring ski resort, faced foreclosure. Without insurance, the owners could not operate and could barely make ends meet.

Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge

The Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge is a part of the National Wildlife Refuge system, and was established by Public Law 101-593 in 1990. It spans nine miles of the Wallkill River, near the border between New York and New Jersey. The refuge offers many different activities for visitors.

One of the things to do in Vernon Township is to hike along the Wallkill River. You’ll be able to spot birds and other wildlife along the way. This refuge is a popular destination for birdwatchers. It has four nature trails, and you can even go canoeing or kayaking.

The refuge is home to several endangered species and several hundred acres of open water. The area is also rich in wet meadows and scrub-shrub habitats, which provide a home for a variety of wildlife. You can also do some hunting or fish, or simply relax and observe wildlife.

Visitors to the refuge can hike or bike the trails that span almost ten miles. They can also go fishing in the Wallkill River, or hunt with a special permit. Recently, the refuge celebrated its 25th anniversary, and plans for the future include expanding its outreach to the community. They also hope to promote environmental education through educational booths.

The township is located in the New Jersey Highlands and offers recreational activities year-round. Local resident Allison Callow has lived in Vernon Township for 16 years. She owns a four-bedroom bilevel in the area, which overlooks a state park. She paid $158,000 for the property.

The Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge is managed for the animals and plants that call it home. As such, visitors are encouraged to visit during daylight hours. There are several access points to the refuge, including the Hidden Ponds Access Point off Lake Wallkill Road. This access point has three bodies of water with abundant wildflowers, pollinators, and hummingbirds. In addition to hiking and biking, hunters can go on the refuge but must have a permit.

Wildlife is abundant throughout the year. Visitors can observe White-tailed Deer, Red Fox, and Grey Fox. In the spring, thousands of Red-Winged Blackbirds and American Coot nest in the area. There are also several species of rabbits, such as the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit, which is abundant during spring and fades out over the summer. A few chipmunks may be seen here as well.

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