The Best Gossip News Sources

Gossip news gets a bad rap — from salacious tabloids to badly behaved teens on TV programmes like Gossip Girl. But it’s important to distinguish between real news and rumours.

Sharing a juicy piece of gossip can bond us socially. However, if we’re sharing information that damages the reputation of someone else, it may be considered relational aggression.


Founded in 1905, Variety is an entertainment industry weekly newspaper and website. It covers movies, television, theater, music and technology. It is read by executives in the entertainment industry and is a member of the American Society of Magazine Editors. It also has a daily edition called Variety Gotham that gives priority focus to East Coast show-business news. It is a sister publication of Reed-Elsevier, PLC, which publishes the Home Video Directory Plus, a CD-ROM subscription product containing metadata about 90,000 home video products.

The magazine is notable for its movie reviews, and the complete text of these reviews has been reprinted in 24-volumes (as Variety Film Reviews) by R.R. Bowker, along with the obituaries of over 100,000 people involved in the entertainment business. It has won numerous awards over the years including a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award for Variety Studio: Actors on Actors, which features interviews with renowned actors.


Hollywood Life is an online gossip site that specializes in celebrity, fashion, beauty, and women’s issues. The site also airs award shows and other pop culture events. It is one of the newest gossip sites on the market and was launched in 2009. Its content is created by Bonnie Fuller, who used to edit magazines including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Us Weekly.

The site is based in Los Angeles and has a large social media following. It features a variety of celebrity articles, photos, and videos. Its website is powered by WordPress, a free open source blog publishing system. It also uses jQuery, an object-oriented and cross-platform scripting language, to simplify HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interaction.

Like many tabloids, Page Six is based on unnamed sources and often publishes speculative or unconfirmed rumors. Its reporting is more reliable than most other celebrity gossip sites, but it’s still best to check its stories against a more trustworthy source.

Another popular gossip site is TMZ, which has an extensive celebrity and entertainment news network. The site is known for its on-the-street interviews with celebrities and offers an insider’s view of the industry. It’s also a great resource for keeping up with the latest legal happenings in the industry. Its sister site, TMZ Live, is a live streaming service that broadcasts celebrity events and news.

Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly is a monthly magazine that covers film, television, music, and books. The magazine also features celebrity photos and interviews. It is a great way to keep up with all the latest news in the entertainment industry.

The magazine was created by Time Inc. in 1983 and was modeled after People magazine. Its goal was to be a quick read for busy people. The magazine was the first to mainstream the discussion of topics like weekend box office numbers and did not shy away from critical takes on Hollywood. Its original editorial maxim was “write the best story and don’t worry about who owns it.” This approach allowed the magazine to build a loyal audience base while angering its conglomerate siblings.

In 2009, EW hired Jess Cagle as editor-in-chief to replace Tetzeli. The move was widely credited with saving the magazine from what would have been a certain death. However, the magazine has lost much of its critical edge.

The magazine has since focused on covering the newest movies and television shows and has even added book reviews. It has also expanded its coverage to include political content. For example, it has published videos of late-night talk show hosts mocking politicians. While it is not as edgy as other magazines, it is still worth reading. Its articles are often written by entertainment experts.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is a magazine that covers popular culture, fashion, and current affairs. It is best known for its celebrity portraits and the controversy that often surrounds them. It has also been praised for its lively writing and insightful social commentary. Its predominately female readership has fueled its success over the years. Vanity Fair was first published in 1913 and merged with Vogue in 1936, but was relaunched in 1983 by Conde Nast Publications.

The Vanity Fair brand is used in a number of ways, including for the magazine, books, and television series. The name was inspired by the fictitious place of vanity in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, and later influenced by the 1847 novel of the same name by William Makepeace Thackeray. It is also a slang term for excessive urban lifestyles, especially those that involve expensive entertainment and food.

Vanity Fair is the leading voice in global politics, business, style and society, sparking conversation across print, social media and the mobile device. Its high-profile interviews, luminous photography and powerful storytelling have redefined journalism for the digital age. Vanity Fair is available for libraries, schools and businesses through Flipster, an all-in-one digital newsstand solution. If you are an active Vanity Fair print subscriber, you can get the NOOK digital edition for FREE. The NOOK subscription is valid for a maximum of one month.

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