Abstract Hip Hop

Abstract hip hop combines elements of jazz, funk, soul, and electronic music with unconventional production techniques. It also incorporates spoken word and poetry.

As an expression of black subjectivity situated in the liminal space between late modern and postmodern epochs, it embodies a distinctive ethos. This ethos cultivates moral dispositions that challenge historical and ongoing inequities–in particular, within U.S. contexts, those surrounding race and class.


Abstract hip hop is a type of music that incorporates elements of hip hop with more avant-garde styles, including electronic, jazz, funk, and soul. It also features a variety of unique production techniques and sample-based lyrics.

A more sophisticated form of rap that deviates from the usual genre norms, abstract hip hop is an eclectic form of music that has gained popularity among underground artists in the 2000s. Lyrically, abstract artists typically use more extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice.

This style of music is sometimes referred to as experimental hip hop, but the distinction between the two is purely based on lyrical content and not the musical styles. This style is often more esoteric and less accessible than mainstream hip hop, but it is still extremely popular among fans of the genre.

Originally created by ceremonial band leaders, this type of music combines witty, poetic wordplay with assonance and rhyming stanzas to a musical beat. It deals with a variety of social issues, including wealth, drugs, promiscuity, poverty, luxury, politics, and more.

The witty, sassy raps in these songs can be downright entertaining. In some cases, they even have a surprisingly high tempo for their length, as seen on the song “Fall & Rise.”

While this is not the most elaborate album by any means, it is certainly the one that most represents the genre of Abstract Hip Hop and stands out from its peers. This album features a variety of styles and a few of the best tracks in the genre, so it is definitely worth a listen.

It is an interesting style of music, but it is also a little difficult to understand for those who haven’t had the chance to explore it. However, this album is a great place to start.

Funcrusher Plus is a piece of abstract hip hop that was released back in 1997, and it helped kick off a whole new generation of artists who now dominate the scene. El-P’s gritty, otherworldly production style was a real treat for those of us who were fortunate enough to hear it early on.


Abstract hip hop is a sub-genre of hip hop music that defies many of the genre’s conventions. Generally speaking, abstract hip hop focuses on more conceptual ideas and uses extensive metaphors. Lyrically, it also tends to avoid more upfront or braggadocio-style lyrics.

The genre’s origins can be traced to New York City during the 1970s. DJs began isolating percussion breaks from funk, soul, R&B and disco songs to create rhythmic beats, which were often accompanied by spoken rhymes. This style became known as rapping. The practice also spread to street gangs in the Bronx, where it was a new form of competition and one-upmanship.

In the early days, MCs or “emcees” introduced the DJ and the music, gave exhortations to dance, joked, and kept the audience excited. The use of slang words and sentences, along with special rhythms, made these speeches attractive to the audiences.

Later, MCs began speaking over the music in a more stylized way. This practice is credited with creating modern hip hop. It was influenced by Jamaican “toasting” and was popular among Black, Latinx, and Caribbean American youth at block parties in New York.

These MCs used rhymes and rhythmic patterns to express their thoughts and feelings about life. This practice eventually developed into a cultural movement, with numerous sub-genres and styles.

Some artists have been particularly influential in the development of abstract hip hop, including Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur and The Roots. However, there have been many other rappers who have made significant contributions to the genre over the years.

Abstract hip hop is a form of hip hop that rejects traditional gangsta style and beats, and instead prefers more subtle, atmospheric rhythms. It is a genre that has been increasingly popular in the underground scene since the 2000s.

A major influence on the development of abstract hip hop has been the Bristol ‘Trip Hop’ scene, which is often characterized by a more experimental approach to beat production. Other key influences include Madlib, Dalek, Clouddead, Aesop Rock and Daniel Nakamura.

Abstract hip hop is a unique genre that is characterized by its focus on unconventional beats and lyrical content. It also eschews the more conventional lyrics of gangsta rappers, choosing to emphasize concepts such as existentialism or social institutions rather than relying on everyday problems and braggadocio. The genre has gained considerable popularity in the United States, Europe and Asia.


Abstract hip hop is a subgenre of experimental or avant-garde hip hop that uses unconventional production techniques and incorporates elements of jazz, funk, and soul music into their songs. They may also use spoken word or poetry to convey their message. They may also feature a slew of sampled sounds from a variety of sources, ranging from classical to classic rock to thumping electronic beats.

There are many artists and projects in this genre that should be considered for inclusion on your list of must-listens, but a few stand out. These include ELUCID, billy woods and Armand Hammer as well as Open Mike Eagle.

Using a combination of live instruments, samples from the likes of DJ Krush and DJ Shadow and some clever engineering, ELUCID churns out a few thumping tracks of well-crafted music. Especially the album’s centerpiece “Tie-Fighter,” which features some of ELUCID’s most notable lyrical displays, is definitely the king of the crop. The rest of the album is a solid showcase of what the New York City based rapper does best.

While it’s not for everyone, this is a great place to start your abstract hip hop quest. From there you can branch out to the more challenging and adventurous – but not necessarily less fun – genres.


Abstract hip hop is a genre that eschews many of the conventions that are associated with traditional Hip Hop. The style tends to focus on abstract concepts such as existentialism or social institutions rather than braggadocio or everyday problems, and lyrics are often more extensive and metaphorical in nature than those found in typical hip hop.

In addition to a significant influence on contemporary music, abstract hip hop also has a strong impact on the way people see their lives and their society. In some cases, this has resulted in a greater understanding of different issues and problems that are faced by the people of the area.

For example, South African rappers Black Noise influenced breakdancing and rapping in the early 1990s, even though their songs were banned by the apartheid government. They also introduced new rhythms that are used in most hip hop albums today.

Another major influence on hip hop was funk and boogaloo, which merged in the 1970s and ’80s with other cultural movements such as graffiti, the community mural movement and African dance music. These movements have become significant references for contemporary hip hop artists and have shaped the genre’s sound, aesthetic and ideology.

These fusions also helped to create a culture that is more diverse and open-minded than any previous generation of hip hop fans or musicians. This culture also encourages young people to think about issues that are not always considered important by mainstream society.

As a result, hip hop has impacted many different cultures worldwide. The music of each region is not only a means to express their thoughts and feelings but also a tool that teaches them how to live better and how to solve the problems that are facing their community.

The effects of hip hop are much more than just the music; it has a significant impact on people’s fashion and style. This is because it has changed the way people look at themselves. It has made them more confident, which helps to achieve goals.

Some of the most influential abstract hip hop records include Madlib’s The Unseen, Lord Quas’ Afrofuturism-themed records and Odd Future’s Some Rap Songs. These records have an experimental quality that stretches the boundaries of the music and make for excellent listening experiences.

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