Abstracthiphop Albums

Abstracthiphop is a genre of music that combines elements of hip hop with experimental and avant-garde sounds. The genre features unconventional production techniques and often incorporates a variety of different sound sources, including jazz, funk, soul, electronic music, and spoken word. It is generally more abstract than other forms of hip hop, and the lyrical content is typically more symbolic and less direct than traditional hip hop.

The genre is commonly associated with the underground hip hop scene and is a subgenre of the genre that eschews many of the conventions of conventional hip hop music. This can lead to a more obscure and sometimes intimidating listening experience, but the genre can also be highly addictive and interesting.

Some Rap Songs is a very experimental album by Earl Sweatshirt that focuses on the theme of extreme vulnerability. The songs on this album are very lyrical and show great emotion with the use of jazz samples and sudden cuts in the sound.

This album is a very good introduction to the genre and shows how abstract hip hop can be while still having a very lyrical style. It can also be a bit difficult to listen to because the tracks are so short but it is very worth checking out as it will help you get a better understanding of the genre.

XXX is another very important and experimental mix-tape by Danny Brown that explores his own unique musical style. This was when he first started experimenting with his signature aggressive tone and frenetic delivery, which he fully committed to on his second formal album.

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