Abstracthiphop is a sub-genre of hip hop that is very different from the mainstream sound. This genre of music is very intriguing and addicting to listen to.

The music is often very eerie and experimental with distorted samples, hard-hitting drums and a futuristic sound that is way ahead of its time. The lyrics are also very creative with dense and abstract rhymes.


Abstract Hip Hop is a genre of hip hop music that combines elements of experimental and avant-garde music with rap. It is characterized by unconventional production techniques, abstract and sometimes surrealistic lyrical content, and a large amount of sampling from a wide variety of sources.

It is generally considered a more progressive form of Hip Hop that often deals with social and political issues. It is also a genre that focuses on the use of poetry and spoken word. It is not a traditional genre of rap and has become a popular alternative to traditional Hip Hop in the underground scene.

There are many different subgenres within hip hop, and each has its own style and sound. However, there is one genre that has a particular esoteric flair and is regarded as the most prestigious among all of them: Abstract Hip Hop.

Unlike traditional rap, which usually involves witty and poetic wordplay with assonance and rhyming stanzas, Abstract Hip Hop uses extensive metaphors, symbolic words and unusual diction to express a wide range of ideas. This style is a very creative and esoteric genre that has influenced other styles of music and has become increasingly common in the underground hip-hop scene over the years.

The term ‘abstract’ was first used in 2010 by Lil B, a self-proclaimed ‘Based God’ who was renowned for his preference of more airy-sounding rap tracks. It was a trend that eventually spawned a whole wave of artists, many of which specialised in the more abstract aspects of hip-hop.

This style of rap can be distinguished by several distinctive features such as exaggerated declamation, pitched rhythmic layers and sung interjection. It can also be distinguished by its lack of braggadocio and overt social criticism.

Examples of this style can be found in tracks by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and D’Angelo. Similarly, Aesop Rock is known for his unique style and is credited with having the largest lexical variation of all rappers in English.

A rapper can also create a pitch-based rhythmic layer by deliberately and markedly altering the pitch of their voice at specific points in their flow. Using this technique allows rappers to create the sensation that they are progressing through two separate rhythmic layers simultaneously, depending on where they choose to alter their vocal pitch.


Abstract hip hop is a genre of rap that is often considered to be more experimental and progressive than traditional rap. It is characterized by its unconventional production techniques, abstract and sometimes surrealistic lyrical content, and use of samples from a variety of sources.

The origins of abstract hip hop can be traced to the 1970s, when DJs began isolating percussion breaks from funk, soul, and R&B songs to form new genres of music. Eventually, performers would speak between songs and this practice became known as rapping.

Early MCs would introduce the DJ, give exhortations to dance, joke and anecdotes, and keep the audience excited. These MCs eventually came to be known as emcees, and their work helped create the genre of hip hop.

During the late 1970s and into the 1980s, the genre of hip hop developed in New York City, where it began as a collaboration among black, Latino, and Caribbean youth. It was based on the DJing styles of a number of DJs, including Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash.

Hip hop combines rhythmic lyrics, sampled from various source materials and produced by the rapper (also called an emcee), with an instrumental track, usually a “ beat,” created by the DJ or one or more instrumentalists. Historically, the beat is a percussion break from a funk or soul song; however, in recent years, it has become more common for a beat to be created with individual drum samples.

The rapper’s lyrics typically utilize rhythmic elements such as assonance, alliteration and rhyme to convey complex emotions or messages. Some rap artists also use extended metaphors and symbolic word choice to convey deeper meanings.

Another common feature of rap is the use of slang words that are associated with the music. This slang is used frequently and has become a part of the language in many parts of the world, even among non-hip hop fans.

A number of artists have contributed to this style of rap, such as Snoop Dogg and E-40. In addition to slang, rappers use other stylistic techniques such as rule-based slang.


Abstract hip hop is a style of hip-hop music that incorporates elements from other styles of music. Its lyrical content tends to be more abstract than the typical gangsta-style braggadocio of mainstream rap, and its beats often feature unconventional production techniques.

The most famous form of this subgenre is boom-bap, which originated in New York City and fuses jazz, soul, funk and electronic music with traditional hip-hop. The genre’s most famous proponents are A Tribe Called Quest, MF DOOM and Karriem Riggins, who all push the limits of jazz rap with complex rhyme schemes and off-kilter drum production styles.

Another wildly popular genre is trap, which originated in Atlanta and has become synonymous with uptempo, aggressive beats. It also borrows heavily from the UK garage scene, with producers like Metro Boomin and Zaytoven experimenting with distorted, bubbly synths and freaky pads.

While hip-hop is one of the world’s most popular genres, it’s always evolving and breaking new boundaries. This means that rap artists and fans of the genre have created a range of different styles that have all gained their own popularity and critical acclaim.

Throughout history, rappers have utilised beatboxing to create rhythms and melodies. This technique is thought to have originated in nineteenth-century America, and today it is recognised as an independent style of music.

As well as using the beatbox to create rhythms, many rap artists also use their voice as part of the song. This can range from simple vocal effects to more elaborate lyrics and sound design.

The fusion of music and spoken word is one of the most important aspects of rap music, and it has become increasingly common in this genre. The abstract aspect of rap is especially prominent in the work of Kendrick Lamar, whose lyrics often focus on the human condition rather than braggadocio.

Hip-hop has also been influenced by other forms of music, including ska, reggae and funk. This can be seen in the use of horns and other instruments in hip-hop, or the sampling innovations of Marley Marl and Grandmaster Flash.

This also has a big impact on the underlying production of hip-hop music. This is evident in the work of the early pioneers of breakbeats, DJ Premier and Large Professor.


Abstract hip hop has become a prominent genre of underground hip hop in recent years. It eschews many of the conventions of mainstream rap, often choosing to focus on abstract ideas or social institutions rather than everyday problems or braggadocio. Lyrically, these artists tend to use extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice, while musically they often feature unconventional beats that are akin to those found in experimental hip hop.

One of the biggest influences on abstract hip hop was funk music, which was inextricably tied to the political movements of the 1960s, particularly the Black Panthers, Brown Berets and Third World Liberation Front. In the Bay Area, the era also birthed a number of so-called blaxploitation films, featuring a gritty view of street life influenced by the Panthers’ anti-authoritarian messages.

Sly Stone, a Vallejo-raised artist who pioneered the Black music genre in the ’60s, was another major influence on contemporary rap. He transformed the way that Black people spoke about themselves, their culture and their place in society.

Aside from Sly Stone, other artists who have had a significant impact on the genre include Three 6 Mafia, an indie Memphis rap group that innovated certain flows and styles that are still used by rappers today. They also helped to establish an underground tape scene in Memphis that revolutionized the production style of club rap.

The abstract style of rap is also influenced by the avant-garde art movement that began in the early 20th century, with artists such as Pablo Picasso and Louise Bouvier taking inspiration from the movement to write music. They also drew inspiration from the work of painters such as Salvador Dali and Claude Monet.

While some of the abstract styles of rap can be quite abrasive and hard to listen to, there are a few artists who have been able to create albums that have truly stood the test of time. For instance, MADVILLAINY by MF DOOM is an album that can take its listener on a dizzying ride of irony and absurdity at a pace that is almost impossible to put down.

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