Abstract Hip Hop

Abstract hip hop is a style of rap music that eschews many of the conventions of the genre. It’s become a fixture of the underground hip hop scene in the 2000s and features unconventional beats and lyrical content.

Abstract hip hop also combines elements of jazz, funk, and soul with a more avant-garde sound. The lyrics are usually more abstract and surreal.


Abstract hip hop is a genre that incorporates elements of hip hop music with experimental and avant-garde sounds. Its most notable features include unconventional production techniques, abstract and sometimes surrealistic lyrical content, and unconventional beats.

The genre can be traced back to the early days of the rap scene. During this period, rappers used the music to express their ideas and opinions about social and political issues. For example, MC Hot Dog in Taiwan was an early pioneer of the genre and used creative beats to express the frustrations of middle class life for disaffected youth.

Today, the genre is still popular and has been embraced by a number of governments around the world. For example, China has been a major consumer of hip hop, and many of its artists are highly influential in the country.

Despite its popularity, the genre has a dark side that has seen it censored more often than any other form of music in recent years. A common problem is the use of profanity and obscene language in hip hop songs. As a result, many artists have had their lyrics censored.

Another important issue is the use of technology in hip hop. For example, a song might feature a video with an animated character performing a series of high-speed rap verses. This video is likely to be viewed by millions of people, and the effect can be overwhelming.

The same phenomenon also occurs in films. In the Austin Powers film Goldmember, a character performs an entire verse of music that is blanked out. This was a very clever way to show that the lyrics were not as relevant as the backing track.

As with any sub-genre, the best way to experience this type of music is to listen to a variety of different albums. Below are a few of the most interesting examples to get you started.


Abstract hip hop is a genre of music that combines elements of traditional hip hop with experimental and avant-garde sounds. It is characterized by its unconventional production techniques, abstract and often surrealistic lyrical content, and use of samples from a variety of sources.

There are many influences that influence the abstract style of hip hop music, including funk, jazz, soul, and alternative rock, as well as spoken word and poetry. In addition, artists often take inspiration from their surroundings and culture to create their music.

The first generation of rap artists were heavily influenced by African American public figures such as Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr. and Issac Hayes. They were also influenced by African rhythms, blues and funk music.

These rappers used a rhyming style that reflected their social and political views, often in an aggressive manner. This style of rap, which is often known as gangsta rap, was a major part of the evolution of hip hop into an influential and popular form of music.

Some of the most famous gangsta rap artists were Ice Cube, Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. These artists pushed the boundaries of rap music in both the lyrics and sound, and changed the landscape of hip hop in America.

They paved the way for more multidisciplinary rappers to come, and were a big part of the development of autotune. These rappers became a role model for the younger generation of hip hop artists, and their music was a powerful reflection of the racial tensions in American society.

Another major influence was the DJ Afrika Bambaataa, who founded Universal Zulu Nation and began playing break dancing songs to dancers at DJ parties in downtown New York City. He pushed the boundaries of hip hop by adding electronic dance elements to its beats, and by releasing seminal records such as Planet Rock in 1982.

The abstract style of hip hop is influenced by many different types of music, and it is also a major source of inspiration for other musical styles such as jazz, funk, and soul. In fact, many artists in the abstract style of hip hop draw from both traditional and experimental music, which has helped to make this genre a very interesting one.


Abstract hip hop is a style of music that incorporates elements of rap and other forms of electronic music. It is characterized by unconventional production techniques, abstract and sometimes surrealistic lyrical content and the use of samples from a wide range of sources.

While the earliest examples of abstract hip hop were from the 1990s, the genre has recently started to flourish in the 21st century, with artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Young Thug becoming popular. These artists have combined underground rap with mainstream music to create the new wave of abstract hip hop.

The style is most associated with MCs who take a consciously abstract approach to their work. This could include rappers who are focused on raising social awareness, such as Melle Mel’s visions of urban poverty on Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five’s The Message to J Cole’s musings on addiction in KOD.

This can include a number of different styles, from jazz rap to trap, which are all rooted in the abstract nature of hip-hop music. It can also include a variety of subgenres, such as grime, that are more focused on sound rather than lyrics.

Trap is one of the most popular and prominent genres in modern hip-hop. Its main features are a heavy bass drumbeat and a hypnotic synthesizer. It is often considered a more experimental form of hip-hop, with artists such as Metro Boomin and Zaytoven pioneering the style.

It can also include a dark, gothic twist on gangsta rap, as in the work of Geto Boys members Bushwick Bill and Three 6 Mafia or the eerie early material of Brooklyn’s Necro. It is also sometimes known as “mumble rap,” a term which refers to the focus on raw emotion rather than the use of words to tell a story or control a beat.

The style has a distinctly British feel, drawing inspiration from the UK’s healthy dance music scene and particularly the garage subgenre, with bubbly synths and freaky pads used in many tracks. However, it remains a controversial subject as it is unclear whether grime actually qualifies as hip-hop.


Abstract hip hop is a unique style of music that eschews many of the conventions of traditional rap. Its lyrics are often more intellectual and complex, and it uses unconventional production techniques to create an entirely new sound.

Abstract rap also draws on a wide variety of sources, including poetry, jazz, psychology and other forms of academic thought. It’s a genre that’s often difficult to define, but it can be incredibly exciting and challenging.

Aesop Rock, for example, is one of the most notable names in abstract hip hop. His lyrical content is both inventive and impressive, and he’s been credited with introducing the abstract hip hop genre to mainstream audiences.

MF DOOM is another name to include in the abstract hip hop world, as his dense rhymes have been influential throughout the genre’s history. Especially in the early 2000s, he ruled the underground, dropping records under a series of personas that reshaped the art form.

Shabazz Palaces, meanwhile, present consistently dark and challenging contributions to the abstract hip hop scene. Their fusion of percussive instruments from different African nations with modern, nihilistic electro is always engaging.

The most well-known rap artist in the abstract hip hop world is probably Kendrick Lamar. His songs have become iconic in the hip hop world, and his lyrics are some of the most thought-provoking ever.

He’s been cited as one of the most important figures in hip hop history, and his music has been a critical inspiration for artists both big and small. He’s won a number of major awards, including two Grammys and seven nominations, and his influence is clear throughout the industry.

Abstract rap is an exciting and evolving genre that has been gaining popularity in recent years. As a result, more and more artists are making use of it as their primary sound, with rappers like Chance the Rapper becoming internationally acclaimed in the process. Unlike other hip hop styles, abstract rap tends to be much more underground and obscure lyrically and sonically.

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