The Dead Sea Salt Bath

Dead Sea salt is the saltiest saltwater of the three seas. Dead Sea is the only place where the salt minerals from all the seas meet and co-exist. This makes it the most important sea in the world. It is located at the lowest elevation on earth. Today, it is one of the most famous tourist destinations, due to its unique characteristics.

the dead sea salt

Many people visit the Dead Sea to enjoy its unique minerals and the natural healing powers associated with them. But not many are aware that the Dead Sea contains high concentration of several minerals, which can help in the treatment of various ailments and improve your health on a long term basis. In fact, many doctors recommend the intake of these minerals to their patients. In order to understand the importance of the minerals found in the Dead Sea, let us have a look at the varied benefits they offer.

Dead Sea salt is the highest concentration of salt minerals available in the world. It constitutes almost 80 % of the total minerals present in the oceanic water. Its mineral composition is different from the oceanic saline, which is the salt that you get when you inhale the steam from a boiling pot. The mineral composition in the Dead Sea is unique and has earned a reputation of being a better alternative to ordinary table salt.

Many renowned Ayurvedic doctors have recommended the Dead Sea as a good alternative for the salt used in the kitchen. The mineral content of the dead sea salt supplements has an extremely high concentration of potassium, magnesium and sodium chloride. These minerals are extremely beneficial for the body as they enhance the blood circulation, regulate the emotions and treat a number of other disorders, apart from just improving your health. High blood circulation is essential for the proper functioning of the various organs of the body. Lack of proper circulation leads to a number of problems like poor digestion, poor elimination of waste products and fatigue.

Most people who visit the Dead Sea know that it is a major source of minerals. However, not many are aware that the minerals found in the Dead Sea are absorbed directly into the skin. They improve the cell metabolism and also improve the tone of the skin. It also improves the strength of the connective tissues and helps in the growth of new cells. The various minerals found in the dead sea contain antioxidants, which help in the elimination of free radicals and thus fight the signs of aging.

Some people think that the dead sea salt has a negative effect on the human system. However, this is not true as the minerals found in the mineral make the body absorb the nutrients more efficiently. This in turn stimulates the nervous system. These minerals are great for detoxifying the body, especially the system of the lymphatic system, the detoxifying system of the lungs and the excretion system of the kidneys. The minerals found in the dead sea salt can be used for cleansing the colon, the liver, the kidneys and the blood as well.

The mineral content of the dead sea water consists of sulphates, potassium and calcium salts. Each one of these salts has its own functions and they play an important role in the excretion of the waste products and the regulation of the hormonal levels in the body. Certain minerals like magnesium have a calming effect on the nerves and the excretion of the wastes. Other minerals like zinc are helpful for the atopic conditions. There are also minerals like manganese and selenium, which help to regulate the thyroid hormones.

People who suffer from chronic bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases can take the benefits of the dead sea salts for the purification of the airways. The salt contains a large amount of iodine which prevents the multiplication of bacteria in the mucous membrane. The increase in the level of the iodine can reduce the number of red cells in the respiratory tissue. People suffering from cancer can also derive the same benefits of the treatment by the dead sea salt baths. They can detoxify the heavy metals and the free radicals, which have destroyed the cell DNA. These baths also clean the skin and the hair and the nails to a great extent.

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