Places to Go in Perrysville, Ohio

If you are looking for places to visit in Perrysville, Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. The village is located in Ashland County, Ohio, and has a population of 735, according to the 2010 census. The area was first settled and laid out in 1812. There are several places to visit in Perrysville, including the Ohio Bird Sanctuary, Rosella Rice Birthplace, and Perrysville Village Museum.

Visiting the Ohio Bird Sanctuary

Visiting the Ohio Bird Sanctuary in Perrysville is a great way to learn about nature while also supporting a local nonprofit. The sanctuary provides care for birds in need of a home and a safe place to stay. It is located near Clearfork Reservoir, and visitors can walk eight scenic trails in the area. The sanctuary also has a butterfly garden.

The Ohio Bird Sanctuary is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m. Admission is free for members. During migration, visitors will find many species of waterfowl, gulls, and other birds. You can also observe Caspian terns at this location.

Visiting the village of Perrysville

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a rural community in a small town setting, Perrysville, Ohio, is a great choice. This charming village is located in north central Ohio, near the city of Ashland. The town is home to several local attractions. You can hike the trails at Mohican State Park and relax by Pleasant Hill Lake. There are plenty of historical sites to visit, too.

The village’s population is a diverse one. The median age was 37.8, and a third of the population was under the age of 18. Twenty-seven percent of residents were between the ages of 18 and 24, 25-44, and 45-64. Thirteen percent of residents were over 65 years old. The population’s gender makeup is equally diverse – there are more males than females.

The Loudonville-Perrysville Exempted Village School District values the contributions of all people and prohibits racial harassment. This practice denies students the right to an education and restricts employees’ ability to carry out the district’s mission, which is to facilitate the maximum learning possible for every student.

The project began with a GoFundMe account, which generated a lot of attention and eventually raised the required funds. With this boost, the Lions Clubs of the village of Perrysville and Loudonville partnered to hold a pork chop dinner to benefit the project. The Friends of the Library also stepped up and helped out. Once word got out, individual donations poured in. Major donors included Bob and Lavonne Cowen, of Cowen Truck Lines, the Park National Bank, and the Samaritan Hospital Foundation.

Visiting the birthplace of Rosella Rice

Visiting the birthplace of Rosella Rice, a famous American writer, is a fascinating experience that will capture the imagination of anyone who loves literature. Rosella Rice was born in Perrysville, Ohio in 1827. Though she wrote under several pseudonyms, she is best known for her work as a fiction writer. She was self-educated and possessed an insatiable intellect, which she utilized to support herself. Her writings were published in several journals, including Arthur’s Magazine, the Philadelphia Weekly Press, the Ohio Farmer, and the Advance. In 1858, she published her first novel, Mabel, and contributed to a number of local histories. She also was working on a biography of Johnny Appleseed when she passed away.

While the town of Perrysville is a small town, it is not a sleepy town. The town was laid out on June 10, 1815, by Thomas Coulter. The town was known for whiskey, and at one point, nine still houses were in operation. The city was also known for its hops, which were sold for fifty cents a pound. The town was also home to the first school, founded by Betsy Coulter, and Johnny Appleseed was a frequent visitor.

The birthplace of Rosella Rice is an interesting historical site for anyone interested in the author’s life. Her father, Alexander, was a learned student who loved astronomy and reading. Rosella Rice was the oldest of 10 children, and she never married. Her daughter, Lily, married Daniel Stahl.

Lodging options

If you’re looking for lodging in Perrysville, Ohio, you’ll find that you have many choices. This town is located in north central Ohio and is home to a population of 700 people. It borders the city of Ashland. It was founded in 1812 and is named after Oliver Hazard Perry. The town’s post office has been in operation since 1820. The area is relatively quiet and offers a variety of shops, a hardware store, and a few historical sites.

Perrysville is near Pleasant Hill Lake and the Black Fork Mohican River, which are both great spots to enjoy outdoor activities. The area is also a peaceful, rural setting that’s only a few miles from major metropolitan areas. In addition to outdoor activities, the area is rich in history and features many attractions.

Perrysville hotels are affordable and offer many amenities. Discounts are offered, and you can often find last-minute deals. You can also choose a bed and breakfast, which is a great alternative to a hotel. Many Perrysville B&B’s offer amenities like free parking and vending machines. Some of these places also offer special deals and packages for groups or families.

Hotwire’s website lets you search for lodging options in Perrysville. You can use filters to filter your search by price, star rating, or amenities. Hotwire also allows you to input your preferences so that it can find the perfect match for your needs. You’ll find a wide selection of Perrysville hotels on Hotwire, so it’s important to find the right one for your vacation.


If you are looking for an exciting, smaller city that has something for everyone, consider Perrysville, Ohio. This small city is a great side trip to Columbus City and Cleveland, but it also offers unique attractions. Here are some of the things you can do in Perrysville. The Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse is a haunted attraction. It is located in a historic building that was closed for years and has been reopened as a haunted attraction.

Perrysville is located in Ashland County, Ohio and has a population of 735 according to the 2010 census. The town was settled in 1810, but wasn’t platted until 1812. At that time, Judge Coulter chose the best location for the village but didn’t have a name in mind. So, his neighbors called it Coulterville until residents changed the name to Perrysville after Oliver Hazard Perry.

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