How to Minimize the Costs of Vacation Rental Cleaning

Vacation Rental Cleaning


If you’re an Airbnb host, you may be concerned about the high costs of vacation rental cleaning. After all, you don’t want to be shortchanged when it comes to essential supplies or a professional cleaning. But knowing what to expect in advance can help you set the right pricing, and grow your business.

There are several factors to consider when determining the cost of vacation rental cleaning. First of all, you have to set a budget. You should consider the cleaning materials, supplies, and labor needed for regular cleanings. Also, keep in mind that the prices will differ based on the location of your vacation rental.

After assessing the costs, you should consider hiring a cleaning company to clean the vacation rental. Make sure you work with a reliable company that shows up on time. You should charge at least $150 for the cleaning service. This will cover the basic cleaning and may also include stain removal and repairs.

Another important factor to consider when deciding what type of cleaning to hire is how thorough you want the property to be. A thorough cleaning costs more, but it’s worth it if your guests enjoy the cleanliness of your property. It can save you valuable time and money!


Vacation rental cleaning is a daunting task. Having the right cleaning supplies and equipment is essential for making the process run smoothly. To minimize the time spent on housekeeping, keep cleaning supplies well-stocked and regularly check that they are still available. Creating a checklist of the tasks that must be done can also help you keep track of supplies and equipment. There are many home inventory apps that can help you organize cleaning supplies and equipment.

As the owner of a vacation rental, you must keep it clean. The main goal is to make sure your guests’ stay is enjoyable. This means you should prioritize the tasks of cleaning your property so that they do not feel rushed. When you clean your vacation rental, you should also pay close attention to small details. This may include crumbs on the kitchen counter or a smudge on a glass tabletop. Make sure that you clean every area of the vacation rental thoroughly.

Apart from cleaning, you should disinfect the property to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses. There are different types of disinfectants that you can use to make sure your vacation rental is completely germ-free. You can also use these disinfectants to prevent health risks in your guests.


When hiring a cleaning company to take care of your vacation rental, it’s essential to have a clear contract to outline expectations and payment terms. A contract also sets the context for a productive relationship between you and your cleaning service. It’s helpful to include a checklist of tasks that will be done during each cleaning session. It will eliminate any ambiguity and limit scope creep.

When signing a contract for vacation rental cleaning services, be sure to include the fee structure, including the number of visits required, the amount per hour, and any additional fees that might apply. You’ll also want to specify a deadline and payment terms. Also, be sure to state any additional fees that could be incurred due to a last-minute call-out or quick turnaround.

A contract between a cleaning service and Airbnb host is a legally binding document. It defines the details of the working relationship, including the owner’s obligations. You’ll need to provide access to the cleaning company so that they can safely perform their work.


When it comes to vacation rental cleaning, there are numerous apps that can help. Handy, for example, is a handy app that connects Airbnb property managers with leading cleaning professionals. This allows you to book those pesky jobs on the go and keep track of your property’s cleanliness. TurnoverBnB is another popular app that helps owners and managers keep track of the cleaning schedules of their properties. This app also lets you create customized checklists for each property.

Some of these apps offer more than just cleaning services, and are complete control centers for your vacation rental business. They can also send messages to your guests, update prices, and perform many other routine tasks automatically. These multi-functional apps can cut down on human error and allow you to focus on the more important aspects of running your business. Ultimately, they save you time, as well! You can use them for free by downloading the app on your phone.

Airtasker is a popular community platform that connects service providers with people who need their services. This app is specifically designed for Airbnb property owners who need cleaners on a short notice. You can enter the room numbers, type of cleaning needed, and get a quote from multiple providers within minutes. You can also review the profiles of cleaning specialists and accept or reject their bids.


Staging your vacation rental is an important part of marketing it to potential renters. A properly staged vacation rental will have an inviting atmosphere, and prospective renters will be more likely to book it. Make sure to consider what renters want to see when staging the home and make sure the decor is strategically placed.

Staging your rental property is similar to staging a hotel room, and requires extra care. For example, you should fluff up pillows and fold towels. You should also keep the refrigerator uncluttered and free of clutter. Getting rid of any trash and debris will help to create a more appealing atmosphere for guests.

Staging your vacation rental can give you a competitive edge. Using staging checklists with your vendors will help you set expectations for the process. For example, you can ask them to clean the baseboards, which can help you avoid negative reviews. In addition, you can provide them with a list of items to check when they arrive.

Laundered linens

For a vacation rental, it’s important to keep linens clean. Guests can bring viruses and bacteria to your property if your linens are dirty. This will reflect badly on your property. In addition to laundering your linens regularly, you should also consider hiring a linen service. While it can be costly, it’s still much less expensive than providing your own linens.

When it comes to vacation rental cleaning, laundry is one of the most time-consuming tasks. When you have several guests staying at the same time, laundry can add up. If your vacation rental has more than one bed, this can be especially challenging. Having a separate laundry area and a second washer/dryer can make the process go more quickly.

Renters expect clean bed linens. Providing clean bed linens is essential for keeping tenants happy. A dingy bed can turn off a potential tenant. Also, vacationers tend to use a lot of towels, so it’s important to have at least two sets of linens per bed.

Inventory tracking

Keeping an inventory of all items in a vacation rental is an essential part of property care. This will ensure that your cleaning service knows exactly what supplies they have and need to replenish them. It will also allow you to track costs, enabling you to accurately forecast your expenses and capture billables from homeowners. In addition, keeping a detailed inventory of the items in a vacation rental will allow you to ensure that the rental is properly cleaned before guests arrive.

In addition to linen inventory, Southern Vacation Rentals also provides laundry services, including eight laundry facilities. To manage linen inventory, Southern Vacation Rentals hired a team from Bit-Wizards Software Engineering to help them implement a new system for tracking linen inventory. This software allows Southern Vacation Rentals to keep an accurate count of linens by location, and helps them pack up bags in a timely manner. Despite this, Southern Vacation Rentals experienced challenges with inventory control.

To keep a consistent inventory, Airbnb hosts should take pictures and videos of the property and its contents. These not only help them understand what guests need and expect, but they can also serve as evidence in the case of damage or theft. When hiring new cleaners for an Airbnb property, it’s a good idea to walk them through the unit before hiring them. Take a series of photos so that they can use this as a reference when they come to restock the inventory.

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