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Whether you’re a busy mom, a new apartment dweller, or someone who works overtime, you can use a home cleaning service. No matter what your lifestyle, Handy is there to make your life easier. Busy moms often find themselves too tired to do all the housework. Working a full-time job also requires more time than you’d like. If you’re too busy to clean your home, Handy can help you get back on track.


The cost of home cleaning services varies depending on the level of service and the type of cleaning needed. There are various options for services, including live-in maids, part-time cleaners, and cleaning companies. Live-in maids cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 per year, while part-time cleaners can be hired for as little as $1,500 per month. There are also services that offer a per-room rate, which may add to the cost depending on the amount of cleaning required.

Deep cleaning costs around $200 to $375. It involves a thorough clean of your home, including removing dirt and grime. The cost of deep cleaning depends on how extensive the job is, and it can be scheduled at any time. However, many homeowners schedule deep cleaning for the holidays or during busy periods of the year. During this time, deep cleaning will occur throughout the house, including hard-to-reach places.

Some cleaning companies use eco-friendly cleaning solutions, which are natural and safe for the environment. You can also choose to provide your own cleaning products and save $5 to $10 per cleaning session. However, you should note that organic cleaning solutions can be expensive. Some professional cleaning services charge an extra $50 to $100 for their organic cleaning solutions.

The fees of home cleaning services vary depending on the services and the size of the house. The more rooms a home has, the higher the costs will be. Typically, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms will determine the cost of a cleaning service.


When hiring a home cleaning service, you will want to make sure that the company you hire is professional and reliable. You should avoid using a company that bills you in error or whose employees are rude or disorganized. It’s also a good idea to choose a company that values its clients and trains its employees well.

Communication with cleaners

As a homeowner, communication with your home cleaning service cleaners is a key part of the relationship. It’s a big risk to allow a stranger into your home, and getting to know the cleaners personally can help ease any fears. By establishing rapport, you can discuss your expectations and ask questions about the cleaning process. You can also read reviews to see if the company is trustworthy.

The first step in establishing good communication is to provide your home cleaning service cleaners with the necessary details and information. Whether the details are simple or complex, the cleaning company should have the information they need to meet your needs. It’s also helpful to share your expectations in advance so that the company can adjust their work accordingly. It’s important to communicate about any miscommunications or scheduling problems so that you and your cleaners can resolve them sooner.

Another way to ensure good communication with your cleaners is to communicate frequently. You can do this through text messages, email or face-to-face meetings. The more frequent your communication, the more likely your house cleaning service cleaners will get an understanding of your expectations. If you need extra help, discuss this with your cleaner during the first day.

While most clients want to receive a quote quickly, this does not mean that you should expect them to complete the cleaning immediately. They’re likely to miss something, but having clear communication will help you both stay on schedule. However, the cleaning business can be a bit temperamental. Storms, power outages, and last-minute cancellations can all make it difficult to complete a job on time. Make sure to communicate any changes with your home cleaning service as soon as possible, and don’t forget to leave a note for the cleaners.

Red flags of low-quality service

There are several red flags to look for when hiring a home cleaning service. If you notice billing mistakes, unscreened or rude employees, or a lack of background checks, you may be dealing with a low-quality company. It is also essential to communicate your preferences and expectations to the cleaning team.

A home cleaning service should be prepared to clean your home using professional-grade tools. Some homeowners like their own cleaning products and appliances, and it is important that they have the correct equipment to make your home sparkle. If a company doesn’t have these tools or equipment, it is probably not a good option.

Inconsistent pricing structures can also be a sign of a low-quality service. A company that varies its prices often does less work, or does it quickly before pushing for more money later. Another red flag is illegal hiring practices. These practices are not only risky for the company’s reputation, but they can also put employees at risk. If you don’t want to align yourself with a company that practices illegal hiring practices, it is best to avoid them altogether. You can also hire a company that works with ethical standards.


There are many advantages to scheduling home cleaning service clients in advance. This way, you can make sure that you have enough time to clean the clients’ homes before their scheduled appointment. For example, if a client requests a monthly cleaning, schedule them for the first Tuesday of the month. That way, you don’t have to make up time on the first Tuesday of every month or travel to their home on the second Tuesday of the month, which would throw off your schedule for the entire month. You can also schedule their cleanings weekly, every other week, or every four weeks.

Home cleaning services come in handy for everyone. They are perfect for new apartment dwellers, moms with children, and people with busy work schedules. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get a lot of time to clean after a long day at work. Also, some jobs require overtime and you might be too tired to do it yourself.

Using a scheduling software such as Zenbooker makes scheduling your home cleaning service much easier. The software allows you to create your own customized schedules, provide price quotes, and track your customers.


Having an online presence is a great way to build your reputation as a home cleaning service. A website allows customers to leave reviews on any business, and it also allows you to include photos. These reviews can be very useful in establishing credibility with potential customers and in achieving higher rankings on local search engines.

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