Himalayan Salt and Ayurvedic Remedies

Himalayan pink salt (also known as Pink salt or pink sea salt) is an ancient crystal salt mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It is used for its distinctive pink color, which is a result of iron content. The pink color is due to ferric oxide which is present in small amounts in the crystal salt.

pink himalayan salt

Himalayan pink sea salt has been shown to have properties that make it safer for human consumption. It is better for using on foods and cooking because it does not react with other ingredients and is non-polluting. This type of salt is made by extracting the water from the veins of the mountains and then filtering it through different types of filtering machines to remove contaminants and excesses of oxygen. The pinkish color is a result of iron being removed, while trace minerals such as sodium and potassium are left in the salt. Therefore, pink Himalayan salt has been shown to be a healthier alternative than regular table salt because it has more trace minerals that are good for your body.

Since this pink himalayan salt comes from remote areas of the Himalayan Mountains, it is more expensive than other types of Himalayan salt available in the market today. But the cost of life in the remote areas of the Himalayan Mountains is much lower compared to the cost of going to the city and seeking medical attention for a simple problem such as a heart attack or high blood pressure. Many people visit Pakistan and the Himalayan regions for a vacation or a business trip, but once they return home they realize that their health was really better after having had the privilege of enjoying natural health products such as Himalayan pink himalayan salt.

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