Geo Anonymous Proxy: Enjoy All the Benefits That It Offers

What is Geo Anonymous Proxies? What exactly are they and how are they beneficial for web browsing privacy? These are some of the frequently asked questions of net users, thanks to the awareness generated by the Geo Proxy project. In short, geo anonymous proxies act as one-way links that are used to hide the true location of the user behind a variety of “aliases”.

How many users use anonymous proxies? The answer is unknown, but it is safe to say that at least a portion of internet users utilize this service. This service has recently been in the spotlight due to the revelation of StratCom’s email server being compromised. With this in mind, the need for users to utilize this service has grown significantly.

How is an anonymous proxy used? To put it simply, when one connects to the internet via a web browser, the proxy server acts as the link between the end users and the internet. This is done by broadcasting an IP address and an anonymous domain name to all users of the web. This is done without revealing the users’ actual IP and anonymous domain name.

So why is an anonymous proxy used? For instance, suppose you go to a particular site that requires personal information before you can proceed. If you use an anonymous proxy, say eToro, you can bypass this hindrance and go ahead with your intended activity. There are many more instances where one-way link services are used. From protecting one’s identity against hackers to protecting one’s identity online, there are a lot of uses for one-way connections.

How do anonymous proxy systems work? Most anonymous proxy systems work in a simple manner. One has to make up a unique user name and an anonymous domain name. The anonymous proxy system will then pair these two names with each other, so as to form a one-way link between the user and the internet.

There are quite a few systems out there, but their main principle is based on the Encryption / Authentication method. An Encryption system encrypts or makes secret any data entering the system. Once the system has been designed and successfully implemented, the IP address and the domain name of the user will never be disclosed to anybody. This makes the system safe from hackers as they cannot break into the system to gain access to the IP address and the domain name. All the users will see is a page on the internet that looks exactly like the original web page, with the same colors, content and interface.

When one logs into his online account, all the IP addresses and the domain names that are connected to him will be shown. Thus, the proxy will act just like a normal URL redirect service. The only difference is that instead of the internet users’ IP address being forwarded to another internet server, they will actually be going through the proxy. The result is that when the user types in the website that he wants to visit and tries to access it directly, instead of being redirected, he will be safely redirected through the proxy service and he will be accessing a different website. The proxy servers’ one-way linking service will also hide the user’s real IP address, making sure that he will never be revealed to anyone who will look up his internet history.

As Geo anonymous proxies have become very popular among all the internet users, many of them will ask if they can use such services to protect their identity. Yes, you can definitely use this proxy to protect your identity. This type of service will hide your IP address from the users, so you can browse the net anonymously. In addition, since the IP addresses will not be visible to anyone, you will never be exposed to any possible privacy issues. Thus, by using this proxy service, you will enjoy all the benefits that it offers, allowing you to surf the net anonymously and stay away from the possible threats that may come from spyware and other hackers.

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