Fleur De Sel – A French Sea Salt

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Fleur de sel is harvested by hand and has been that way since 868. The process involves the use of a wooden rake and windless, sunny days. Typically, one kilo is harvested per day. It is considered to be one of the finest salts in the world. To make it, a farmer must use a windless, sunny day and the current of the ocean.

Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel is a delicate salt with a slight rose tint and an almost imperceptible violet scent. It has a silky texture and fine crystals. Its mild, brine-like flavor makes it a great finishing salt. You’ll enjoy it on everything from broiled meats to French fries.

Fleur de Sel is a gourmet sea salt that comes from Brittany, France. It is certified organic and considered one of the best salts in the world. It is renowned for its delicate flavor, light texture, and high mineral content. It melts instantly on food and makes a perfect finishing salt.

Fleur de Sel de Camargue

Fleur de Sel is the crystallized salt that crystallizes on the surface of seawater in the Camargue, France, during the summer. The salt is harvested by a Salt Farmer and should be sprinkled over food before serving. Its crystalline texture and special savor make it an essential addition to any cooking. It has been the world’s most important seasoning for centuries. Adding Fleur de Sel to your dishes will give them the ultimate flavor boost.

Fleur de Sel de Camargue is harvested in the southern region of France, on the Mediterranean coast. It is pure white in colour, unlike the slightly pinkish fleur de sel of Guerande. This salt is ideal for finishing all kinds of dishes, such as grilled fish or salads. It is available in FDA-approved stand-up resealable bags. Each jar contains around one ounce of fleur de sel, which makes it a perfect option for everyday use.

Fleur de Sel de Camargue is hand-harvested from salt marshes in Southern France. Workers scrape off the crystals of fleur de sel, which have larger and moister grain than table salt. The salt has a rich flavor, bringing a distinct sea flavor to cooked dishes.

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