Five French Salts to Finish Your Dish

French Grey Sea Salt

A moist and coarse salt with a dampness that doesn’t dry out your food, this is the perfect finishing salt for delicate dishes. It’s naturally a light grey colour and has a mild taste, while being rich in trace minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and iodine.

Fleur de Sel

Often referred to as the “caviar of salts”, this rare and exquisite finishing salt is harvested from a tidal island off the coast of France using Celtic methods that date back to mediaeval times. It has a smooth and mellow flavor, and is made with no chemicals added.

Ile de Re

Another fine finishing salt from the south of France, this one comes from a tidal island named Noirmoutier. The island is connected to mainland France by a causeway and its sunny, almost tropical climate makes it ideal for producing this delicate salt.


Located in the Occitanie region of southern France, this tiny village is home to salt marshes that form a chain of stunning pink salt lakes. A visit here gives you the chance to taste this rare, hand-harvested salt in a traditional manner as well as learn about a cultural heritage that goes back centuries.

The artisanal process of harvesting fleur de sel is not new in France, but it has been pushed to its limits by recent drought and heatwaves. During these conditions, the farmers have worked overtime to produce more than double their previous year’s yield.

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