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Digital media manager

Digital Media Jobs

A digital media manager is essentially a marketing executive who builds and launches marketing initiatives on digital media platforms. Most digital media managers operate closely with web designers, content creators and photographers to build the visibility of a brand online through social networking and other types of internet marketing. Digital media managers are typically associated with established marketing companies or agencies that have experience in digital media and social media marketing. Digital media specialists can also open their own businesses or work as freelance media professionals.

Digital media managers are key personnel to any marketing or advertising agency. Digital media professionals create and manage promotional websites, social networking pages, video blogs, podcasting, and more. Digital media managers often work with other marketing executives to determine which platforms are the most effective for each campaign. Digital media managers often oversee the complete project from conception to execution, depending upon the size of the agency and budget. Digital media managers may work in a number of capacities within an agency or marketing company, depending on the specific needs of the client.

Digital media managers require solid communication skills. Digital media managers often communicate with other representatives and stakeholders of an agency through email, direct phone calls, chat programs, and discussion forums. Digital media managers often use other communication tools, such as visual aides, presentations, and printed documents, to communicate marketing campaigns and progress reports to key members of an agency or brand. Digital media managers must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, including good writing and editing skills.

Digital media professionals must have a strong background in advertising, digital media, social marketing, and website development. Digital media professionals can gain valuable knowledge by participating in online marketing projects. Digital media managers are expected to be skilled at web design, graphic design, video production, background research, copywriting, and website development. Digital media managers should know how to effectively manage digital media projects, from client interactions to the creation of marketing campaigns.

Digital media managers are expected to communicate effectively with all members of the team. Digital media managers should be able to convey their messages across all staff without relying on jargon or complicated explanations. Digital media professionals who communicate well are also likely to communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, and vendors. Digital media managers need to have good interpersonal skills to build good relationships. Digital media managers often communicate with prospects, vendors, and executives through email, phone, and chats, but some managers communicate with them by fax, pager, computer, or telephone.

Digital media marketing managers take on many roles throughout the agency. Digital media managers often work as account managers, account executives, buyer representatives, bookkeepers, and auditors. A successful digital media manager must be able to multi-task, being able to meet the demands of multiple clients, carry out organizational tasks such as financial accounting, and create marketing presentations that are captivating as well as informative. Digital media marketing managers are expected to know how to use technology and navigate the Internet.

Digital media professionals who want to advance to higher positions within the company often take one of two general paths: either specialize in one specific field, or take on an entry-level position as a marketing assistant. Digital media assistants, who are responsible for doing administrative tasks like accounting and communications, are an excellent choice for those with good communication skills and good business acumen. Candidates for this type of position should be familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer. Digital media marketing assistants should also be familiar with marketing research methods, web analytics, and data reporting techniques.

Digital media professionals can also specialize in online marketing. Digital media managers can choose to either work as managers of a small marketing department or an in-house digital media specialist. Online marketing managers must have a good understanding of social media, SEO, and advertising tactics. Online marketing managers will not only be responsible for overall management of the company’s social media accounts, but will also be responsible for managing internal marketing programs as well.

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