Best Places to Visit in Camas Washington

There are many places to visit in Camas, Washington. You can check out Downtown Camas, Heritage Park, and Lacamas Creek trailhead. If you want to get out and get active, you can also check out Goot Park. Camas is a charming city with plenty of things to do.

Downtown Camas

The Downtown Camas Main Street Program is an accredited Main Street Program that helps the downtown area develop and attract business. The program promotes downtown Camas throughout the year with events, partnerships, beautification projects, and historic preservation projects. These efforts also contribute to economic development and community advocacy functions.

The Association is a nonprofit organization with a vision to revitalize Downtown Camas, Washington and to provide a welcoming environment for visitors and locals. Members of the association are responsible for implementing aesthetic improvements and hosting special events, while promoting the town’s charming character. The association is part of the Washington State Main Street Program. The mission of the Downtown Camas Association is to promote the town and its many amenities.

Downtown Camas is known for its tree-lined streets and unique boutiques. The town was originally a mill town, and today it has been revitalized to offer fine dining, shopping, and services. While the town has undergone a renaissance, the historic character of the district remains intact.

For fine dining, you can try the Feast 316, which is locally owned and features Pacific Northwest cuisine with a focus on local ingredients. Also, you can try the authentic Mexican food at Nuestra Mesa. The local brew shop, Mill City Brew Werks, is another popular destination for food and drink lovers. In addition to the restaurants, you can check out the Downtown Camas Association for special events and activities.

To get the latest updates on events and activities, sign up for the Downtown Camas Association newsletter. You will receive weekly updates on the activities and events in the downtown area. And, while you’re there, don’t forget to visit the Historic Mill Photo Collage. You’ll also be able to see a video created by students at Discovery High School.

Lacamas Creek trailhead

If you’re looking for a great place to hike or bike, Lacamas Creek trailhead is one of your best bets. This park offers over 300 acres of beautiful trails that wind through the dense woods. It’s especially popular with birdwatchers. You can even catch a glimpse of a bald eagle or two, depending on the time of year.

This natural area has a ‘wild’ feel, yet is close enough to town for convenience. There are several trails to explore, including the popular loop trail, which starts at the southern end of the park and winds its way up to Lower Falls and Round Lake. From there, you can take the trail back down the creek. This park is an ideal place to experience the crisp Gorge air during the winter.

The trail is a great place to go hiking, particularly if you’re a nature lover. You’ll find waterfalls and moss-covered trees along the way. You can also explore the many side trails, which can be challenging but very rewarding. One of these side trails leads to a giant fallen tree that serves as a bridge over a waterfall.

If you love to hike, Lacamas Creek trailhead is one of Camas Washington’s most scenic places. It offers a variety of options for hiking, cycling, and other activities. The trail features a playground and bathrooms, as well as a trail guide for the Round Lake Loop. The trail also includes a rotary fish screen that was installed at the request of the Washington State Department of Game. It was originally intended to keep fish from entering a mill ditch, which was a major source of process water for the paper mill. The fish wheel serves the same purpose as the habitat, ensuring the safety of the fish.

Lacamas Creek trail is 0.7 miles long and offers views of Lacamas Creek flowing below. The trail is lined with maples and alders, which are spectacular in the fall, and Douglas-firs further up the creek. Another highlight is Lower Falls, a splashing slide waterfall. The trail also connects to the Lacamas Park trail system. You can park at the trailhead parking lot, which is located on Third Avenue.

Goot Park

Goot Park is a popular community park and was first constructed in the 1960s. The park has recently undergone a major makeover thanks to Community Development Block Grant funding. The improvements include ADA restrooms, off-street parking, new park signage, and a swing set.

The park is located at the northern end of the Columbia River and provides spectacular views of the water. The park contains eight miles of hiking trails, RV sites, and yurts. The park is also home to a Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.

Prune Hill

Prune Hill is the base of a Boring Lava cone that is about 750 feet tall. It is located near the Columbia River at mile 118 and was first known as the Rock Quarry District. Its name was derived from the large rock quarry that once dotted the area. The area was later renamed to Prune Hill in the 1900s. The area was once covered with prune trees. There used to be seven dry quarries in this area.

There is a trail that leads right from the crosswalk. You can follow it as it loops around the storm water facility and into the wetland. There are also a few small ponds that are partially concealed by thickets of salmonberry. You can also choose to hike up the grassy dam wall of Haight Reservoir, where you can fish. There are some restrictions regarding fishing at this site, though – residents of the nearby HOA can only use it.

If you have time to spare, you should also check out the Cape May Lighthouse, which is a prominent landmark. It is a fun and informative attraction that will help you start your trip on the right foot. Another option is the Cape May Carriage Company, which offers horse-drawn carriage rides. You can even ride in a carriage from the Victorian era!

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