Attractions and Things to Do in Springfield, Massachusetts

While visiting Springfield, Massachusetts, you’ll find many attractions and things to do. Check out the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on the Connecticut River, and explore Springfield’s art, science, and cultural museums. While you’re here, don’t miss the Big E, a state fair and the Springfield Science Museum.

The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is a museum that honors the history of basketball. It is located at 1000 Hall of Fame Avenue in Springfield, Massachusetts. In addition to its basketball museum, the hall contains one of the most extensive libraries in the country. The library focuses on the history of basketball and its players, while the museum aims to promote the sport.

Currently open for the public, the hall is home to several exhibition galleries, gift shops, administrative offices, and a 200-seat theater. The ground floor of the hall also includes a parking garage for 160 vehicles. The museum’s 40,000 square feet of museum space is divided into three levels.

For basketball enthusiasts, a visit to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame is a must-do for any trip to the Birthplace of the sport. Located on 1000 Hall of Fame Avenue, the hall also boasts a large library that details the history of the sport.

Since its founding, the Hall of Fame has honored hundreds of players and coaches. During the first year, the Hall of Fame presented the Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award to two college seniors. The prize was given to a male player no taller than 72 inches, and a female player no taller than 68 inches. However, this award was discontinued after the 2012-13 season.

The George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum

The George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum in Springfield was founded by the art collector and patron in 1889. Smith supported American artists and their works in Springfield and partnered with local art dealer James Dwyer Gill. Today, visitors can view the Smiths’ private art collection and explore his art collections.

The museum’s collections range from medieval to modern times. It is home to jade, porcelain, bronze, Samurai armor, and American paintings. Visitors can also see reproductions of classical and Renaissance sculpture. The museum has changing exhibits and offers an Art Discovery Center for kids.

The museum’s collections reflect the collections of its founder, Mr. Smith. Among the artifacts on display are over 150 examples of cloisonne. Moreover, the collection represents various dynasties and eras. The museum also features a large number of rotating exhibits, including “Steampunk” art. In addition, the Smith also houses a collection of vintage wedding dresses.

The collection is the result of Smith’s passion for collecting antiquities. He was a businessman who had a keen eye for quality. He worked his way up, rising to the position of manager. However, he rejected an offer to become a partner in the firm. Thus, he had to find a way to fund his hobby. This was why Smith chose to go into the carriage-making business. The Smith-Stivers Carriage Manufacturers was founded in 1856.

The Springfield Science Museum

The Springfield Science Museum’s new exhibit, “We’re Still Here,” opens Thursday. Curated by native Springfield resident Aprell May, this exhibit focuses on the history of indigenous peoples in America. A member of the Native American Inter-Tribal Council of Western Massachusetts, May has ancestry from the Mohawk tribe of the great Iroquois Confederacy. She is also a journalist and writer for The Republican newspaper. She began working for Springfield Museums two years ago as an intern, and has continued her involvement ever since.

The Springfield Science Museum is a great place for families to take children to learn about nature. Its permanent collections are filled with artifacts and scientific experiments that showcase the natural world around us. Visitors can explore habitats from around New England, including the Amazon rainforest and African savanna. There are also exhibits about dinosaurs, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex replica in the Dinosaur Hall. Visitors will also be fascinated by the planetarium, which is the oldest in the country.

The Springfield Science Museum is currently working on a multimillion dollar expansion project. One project, titled “Equitable Access to the Night Sky,” is funded by a $750,000 federal earmark. The new exhibit will include a digital full-dome projection system to expand the museum’s current exhibit. Another project is the digital digitization of the museum’s observatory. The museum also plans to create multi-sensory astronomy exhibits for the blind.

The Springfield Science Museum is home to the Seymour Planetarium, the oldest operating planetarium in the United States. The planetarium includes a Korkosz starball, which is the oldest operating American-made projector in the world. The museum is an excellent resource for science, history, and art.

While touring the museum, be sure to check out the museum’s other exhibits as well. There’s a wide variety of science-based exhibits, and there’s a Planetarium and rotating exhibits. Admission is free, and the museum also offers a variety of hands-on activities for families.

The Big E state fair

Visitors will be able to enjoy the fair’s livestock, arts, and crafts displays. The fair also has daily horse shows and a petting zoo. Livestock competitions and creative arts competitions are also a popular attraction. Tickets cost $15 for adults and $10 for children.

The Big E also features live performances and a variety of food items. There are more than 140 food stands and restaurants to choose from. Famous dishes include the Craz-E Burger, a bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two halves of glazed donuts. You can also sample Cream Puffs and the Big Eclair.

The Big E is a renowned agricultural event that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. It is also the largest agricultural event in New England, and ranks sixth among all American agricultural fairs in size. Located in West Springfield, Massachusetts, the fair lasts over two weeks. The fair opens the second Friday after Labor Day and runs until the third following Sunday.

Founded in 1876, the Eastern States Exposition is one of the most popular autumn traditions in New England. It is the ninth-largest fair in the United States, drawing people from all walks of life. This year’s fair features some new attractions, including a 150-foot super wheel with 36 climate-controlled gondolas. The venue is also home to several museums and attractions.

In addition to the food and rides, there are other events that make the fair a popular destination. Animatronic shows, equestrian contests, and various other events are all part of the Big E. The fair also features dozens of vendors selling local products. This year, the Vermont Building will feature a variety of local crafts and foods. There will also be a special Vermont Day, September 24th, where musicians from the state of Vermont perform. While you’re at the fair, make sure to sample some deep-fried treats.

For music lovers, the Fair also features two free shows every day. The Big E Super Circus has a capacity of 6,000 people, and it has hosted performances by major artists like Chris Daugherty, Destiny’s Child, Brad Paisley, Jessica Simpson, and Blake Shelton.

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