AI Image Generators

AI image generators are a new way to create photo-realistic images without having to learn to draw. They take text prompts and use machine learning to generate pictures based on what you type.

The most popular and well-known tool is DALL-E, which has been making waves in the machine learning community for its high-quality photorealistic results. But the technology also has its limitations, and some people have reported that it can produce discriminatory images.

DeepAI, on the other hand, makes AI image generation accessible to anyone through its open-source software and many different tools that cater to specific needs like how much detail, textures, colours, styles, and more can be adjusted. It also offers a free text to image API that allows developers to integrate the tool into their software project.

Dream by Wombo is another free AI image generator that uses text prompts and can produce realistic images in a short amount of time. The app is available on the web and mobile, and users can share their creations with the Dream Discord community.

Stable Diffusion is a web-based AI image generator that can create realistic images but requires some work from the user. You can get a text prompt, which helps the AI understand what you want to see, and then specify how many generations, inference steps and AI models the image will have.

Despite these limitations, AI image generators can be very useful for creating quick and easy images for presentation purposes or social media posts. They are a great alternative to traditional image editors and can save you hours of effort. They are also a cost-effective way to get unique and creative designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

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