Advantages and Disadvantages of Chat Bots

A chat-bot is essentially a program used to perform an on-line chat session through either text or voice-to-voice, rather than providing direct human contact with an actual human agent. However, unlike other programs such as IRC bots, chat-bot applications have the ability to interact with you in real-time. What’s more, it has the ability to determine your emotion and reaction based on your words, which is definitely a nice feature to have for those times when you get stuck in a highly technical conversation. With all these unique features, what makes chat-bot software programs different from other programs? In this article, we will discuss some of the key differences between a chat-bot and other chat-bot programs, which play an important role in determining whether a chat-bot can be considered an effective assistant or superior to a live chat operator.

Unlike ordinary chat operators, chat-bot software is designed to handle all types of conversations. This includes ones that are not related to business. A good example of this would be a user who wanted to ask a question regarding his real estate. It would be much simpler if he just had said: “How are the negotiations with our real estate agent?” In this case, a chat-bot software program would definitely come in handy because it could determine if the person is sincere about asking questions or is just trying to divert the conversation from the current topic.

One way a chat-bot software program differs from ordinary chat operators is that it uses artificial intelligence in deciding how to respond to certain circumstances. For instance, if a person mentions that he would like to purchase a new house. Instead of asking him where he is buying a house, the chat-bot would look at past sales figures of the house to analyze the demand for a particular house. Based on this analysis, it would suggest different possible locations for a buyer to buy his dream house. The chat-bot would even respond to questions regarding the price of the house.

The most recent models of chat-bot software have the capability to detect human speech. If a person is typing on a chat application, the chat-bot would be able to detect this and respond accordingly. The software is also capable of detecting sarcasm and other rude comments that people often use when chatting. By using this feature, the chat-bot would avoid responses that may cause offense. It would also make sure to respond to requests for information in a timely manner. So instead of simply repeating the information asked by the chat operator, the software will try to find relevant information from different websites and sources.

Unlike ordinary chat operators, a chat bot is much more intuitive. In fact, some users would not be able to tell whether the bot is a real human being or just a manifestation of an artificially intelligent system. It is for this reason that these chat bots are usually referred to as “artificial intelligent” or “artificial intelligence” chat-bot. Such a term would be highly appropriate since these chat Bots have the ability to think, speak, and act in a way that is beyond what a regular computer user can achieve. With these capabilities, it would be easy to fool a chat bot. However, with the help of a good antivirus program, you should be able to detect the presence of such a bot.

One big advantage that chat bots offer is the ability to handle multiple conversations at the same time. There are times when only one person is talking about a particular subject. When this is the case, the chat bot can be assigned to handle two conversations at once. In this way, the bot can give answers to both the subjects and simultaneously handle a third conversation going on in another part of the network.

However, these chat Bots still have one major drawback. That is, if the chat Bot encounters a problem, it can be quite confusing for the user or the moderator. Since it is an artificial intelligence, it would find its own solutions or methods to handle the problem. Hence, if a chat Bot encounters a particular problem, the chat operation may come to a halt. In addition, it might become confused and try to do things which aren’t really its responsibility.

However, despite of the disadvantages associated with a chat Bot, some developers have taken the effort to build complex programs that are able to solve common issues. As an example, there is now a chat Bot named Ivy which acts as a search and retrieval system for AOL’s Newsfeed. This type of bot would be useful if you want to check your e-mails but don’t want to give out any personal information. The chat Bot Ivy could automatically e-mail you the relevant messages.

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