Abstracthiphop – The Art of Flow and Layering

Abstracthiphop is a sub-genre of Hip Hop music that is much more obscure and experimental both lyrically and sonically. The genre combats the mainstream, allowing listeners to experience a different kind of rap music that is very interesting and addicting.

The Art of Flow and Layering

A number of scholars have defined the expressional practice of hip hop around four expressive practices–deejaying/beat-making, break(dancing), graffiti writing, and emceeing. This four element model occasionally gets supplemented by other modes of expressive performance, including beat-boxing and knowledge (Gosa 2015).

While this model does serve as a useful starting point to conceptualize how hip hop functions, it is less productive for exploring the ethos surrounding this expressive culture. As such, this article aims to present a blueprint for excavating the fundamental tenets of the ethos of hip hop.

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