Abstracthiphop Albums

Abstracthiphop is a subgenre of hip hop music that differs from gangsta rap in terms of the content of lyrics. The music primarily deals with topics that aren’t immediately associated with hip hop culture, such as social critique, spirituality, and existentialism.

The genre draws inspiration from poetry, jazz, psychology, and other forms of academic thought, so the ideas presented in these songs can expand a listener’s mind well beyond just music. The best abstract hip hop artists can make you feel like you’re exploring the rabbit hole of a complex and nonsensical world, but if you’re willing to take it down that road, you might find that it’s also a world shifting experience.


The trio of trippy Jews from Cincinnati, Ohio are one of the most distinctive groups in the world of abstract hip hop. Their music combines childlike wonder and Jungian dream logic, creating an unsettlingly awe-inspiring sound.

Ishmael Butler

The veteran MC who rose to prominence with jazz rap group Digable Planets is a legend in the abstract hip hop community, and his latest album is no exception. His lyrical skills are impressive and his delivery is unflinching.

Mosaic EP

This album is a short but effective reflection of what makes abstract hip hop such an interesting subgenre. It’s dated, but it’s easy to listen to and does a good job of replicating the sounds that made abstract hip hop famous. This is a great listen for people looking to get into the genre without committing too much time or money.

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