Abstracthiphop Album Review

Abstracthiphop is a style of hip hop that features very lyrically complex/surreal/obscure/unorthodox lyrics. Stuff like Earl, Lupe, Billy Woods, El-P, MF Doom etc are examples of this.

Abstract hip hop is a form of conscious rap that uses metaphors and sometimes double meanings to get their political/social/introperspective conscious message across. They aren’t the most experimental but they do have a very distinct vibe and sound to them that makes them very different from other types of hip hop.

It’s a lot more complex than your typical gangsta rap or pop music with a lot of instrumentals. It’s also a very emotional album that touches on issues such as depression and loneliness. It’s a very well made album that sounds very fresh and creative.

This album is a great example of what Abstract hip hop can be with it’s very unique sounds and lyrical complexity. I highly recommend this album to anyone that wants a good intro to abstract hip hop.

The ethos surrounding hip hop is a distinctive but pervasive expression of black subjectivity that crystallized in the 1970s New York City and has since proliferated into a potent ethos of the subaltern embraced within socially marginalized youth communities throughout the world.

Scholars and ardent devotees define hip hop around four expressive practices that have become a staple of the genre’s aesthetic and identity construction (Rose 1994; Chang 2005; Ewoodzie 2017). These include deejaying, break(danc)ing, graffiti writing, and emceeing. However, these practices are regularly augmented with the addition of other elements such as beat-boxing (human produced musical percussion), fashion, and knowledge. As a result, hip hop’s multifacetedness and polyphonic character often leads to frictions between its observable social practices and the propositions it sets forth about what might be real and what is not (Harrison 2009; Jeffries 2011).

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