Abstracthiphop is a sub-genre of hip hop that often eschews the conventions of the genre. It is characterized by lyrics that focus on abstract ideas and social institutions rather than braggadocio or everyday problems. These lyrics tend to feature extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice.

Musically, abstract artists tend to use unconventional beats that are similar in style to experimental hip hop. These types of beats often have drum-less construction and are generally free from traditional gangsta bullshit.

There are many artists who make abstract hip hop, but there are some who are considered pioneers in the genre. Artists like Diz, Tyler Abstract, and Kevin Abstract have been able to blend elements of classic emcees into oblique pieces of lyrical mastery.

This genre is a new counterculture movement that is just starting to reach its zenith in the world of music, fueled by tirelessly innovative emcees who are able to blend elements of the greats into oblique pieces of a hip hop mastery. It is a genre that is just beginning to take off in the NY Lo scene, a genre that is just 5 years old at most but has so much potential for exponential growth.

Abstract hip hop owes its ubiquity to the fact that it was created purely from sampling bits and pieces of different musical genres from all over the world. This was something that people didn’t do a lot of back in the day but it has since become a trend and now you see a lot of artists making abstract hip hop purely from samples.

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