Abstracthiphop is a form of hip-hop that focuses on moods and feelings rather than pure lyrical content. It is a new counterculture that is starting to get noticed.

Abstract Hip Hop has been around since the late 90’s but is only now reaching its peak with artists like Diz and Kevin Abstract. Both of these artists are able to blend elements from hip-hop’s boom-bap history into oblique pieces of lyrical mastery.


Abstract hip hop is a genre of music that uses unconventional production techniques, abstract and surrealistic lyrical content, and samples from a wide range of sources. It is often seen as a progressive form of hip hop, and is considered to be more avant-garde than mainstream hip hop.

The origins of abstract hip hop date back to the 1980s, when artists began using unconventional sounds and samples in their music. They incorporated elements of jazz, funk, soul, and electronic music into their music. Many of these artists were associated with the underground hip hop scene, and were influenced by such artists as Madlib, Blade Brown, Dalek, Clouddead, Aesop Rock, Daniel Nakamura, Portishead, DJ Shadow, and Mick Harris’s Scorn.

Although the abstract style of rap has a long history, the earliest roots of hip-hop culture can be traced to the Bronx in New York City during the 1970s. The genre was created by African American and Puerto Rican youth who were influenced by Jamaican DJs who used to rap over instrumental music at parties.

Initially, the rhymes were based on folk poetry from West Africa. The rappers would use slang words and phrases, as well as special rhythms to create an engaging and entertaining experience for the audience.

As time went on, rapping became a popular way for performers to interact with their audience. They encouraged the crowds to dance and shout out to them, while interacting with the music.

This led to the emergence of MCs (emcees) and a more advanced version of the rapper, where they were not just able to rap but could also entertain the crowd with their actions and movements. This gave rise to the various styles of rap that are common today.

These MCs would introduce the DJ and speak to the crowd in order to make them feel comfortable. They would also joke and warm up the audience before the music started and in between the music.

They would also teach the crowd new moves that they could do with their arms, legs, and hands. These were called boogaloo moves, and they were a form of body language that indicated participants had social status.


Abstract hip hop is a sub genre of rap that draws inspiration from music, poetry, and other forms of artistic thought. It’s often characterized by more complex beats and lyrics, but its deepest influences aren’t always evident at first listen.

A beat in hip hop music is a rhythmic element, either created by a DJ or performed by a rapper. It’s typically derived from a percussion break from a funk, soul, R&B, or disco song and can be sampled or synthesized. Depending on the artist, it may also include harmonies and other elements.

In addition to the music, hip hop songs also often include spoken words from the MC or emcee. This can be an effective means of establishing the rhythm of the song, and it can help give the lyrics structure and meaning.

Generally, the lyrics are delivered in rhymed couplets with end-rhymes falling on beat four. The underlying beats are typically longer and more detailed, with multiple harmonies. In hip hop, this can help distinguish phrases from each other, and it also works to circumscribe the number of measures expected in a phrase.

When speaking over a beat, the MC may pause between each verse or change to a different syllable to create an entirely new rhythmic pattern. This is done in order to highlight a specific point in the song, or to emphasize a particular emotion.

Another characteristic of hip hop is the slang that it uses. It can be as simple as using -izz in a phrase to indicate that it is “shit” or adding an extra n at the end of a word so that it becomes shizznit.

The slang used in hip hop is probably the most controversial aspect of the genre, and it is often used to defame the government or people of power. It is also used to express anger against a person or group of people, and can be a form of protest against social injustice.

The slang used in hip hop can sometimes be confusing for people who aren’t familiar with the culture. It can include the use of profanity, which can be a challenge to broadcast on radio or television. However, it has been used by many renowned hip hop artists to raise their voices for social justice.


Hip hop is a cultural movement that blends different elements of art. These elements include music, dance, graffiti, and visual arts. They have been combined to form a culture and a way of life that is unique to each individual.

Abstracthiphop is a genre of hip hop that embraces and transcends these artistic elements to create a new style of music that is more creative and thought-provoking than ever before. Its artists have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in hip hop and its audience has responded in kind.

A pioneer of abstract hip hop is DJ Kool Herc. He is a hip hop innovator and is credited with bringing the movement to a worldwide audience. He is also known for his MCing skills, which he has used to become a legendary figure in the hip hop world.

Another artist who influenced the abstract hip hop movement is the late Madlib. He was a key figure in combining the abstract elements of hip hop with the experimental soundscapes that are characteristic of the genre. He was also a renowned producer and helped establish the sound of modern rap.

In addition to these two influences, there are several other influential figures who shaped the development of hip hop. These include the early pioneers of the genre, such as Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash.

The influence of these pioneers can be seen in the work of contemporary artists, such as Kanye West and Travis Barker. These artists combine their styles of hip hop with alternative rock and pop punk to create their own unique sound.

Many other influential artists have influenced the evolution of abstract hip hop, such as the work of N.W.A and KRS-One. These rappers emphasized political messages in their music, which resonated with audiences around the world.

These rappers were very outspoken about their views on police brutality, a topic that would come to a head three years later with the release of Rodney King’s video. The political content of these rap songs reflected the social and economic issues facing society at that time.


Abstract hip hop is a style of hip-hop music that has more experimental and avant-garde influences than other types of hip-hop. It is characterized by unconventional production techniques, abstract lyrical content and use of samples from a wide variety of sources.

It is a subgenre of hip-hop that uses different production techniques and incorporates elements of jazz, funk, soul and electronic music. It is also influenced by spoken word and poetry.

The style has a unique groove, which is similar to trap but with much quicker transitions between duplets and triplets as well as lightning-fast hi-hats and greatly melodic jazz and soul samples. This type of hip-hop is mostly produced by DJs and has its own distinctive style of musicality that can be compared with techno or dance music.

Another interesting style of abstract hip-hop is cloud rap, which combines airy and more soothing percussion with a more melancholy lyrical theme. This subgenre was born in 2010 and features rappers such as Lil B, Clams Casino and A$AP Rocky, among others.

In contrast to this, emo hip-hop is a unique style that combines nihilistic lyrics and melancholy melodies of emo music with neo-R&B grooves and production styles. It was born in the mid-2010s and is mainly produced by Juice Wrld, Lil Peep, and Lil Uzi Vert, among others.

During the 1990s, many black communities in the United States were affected by riots and police brutality against them. This led to the creation of conscious hip-hop, which is a more political form of rap that screams rage against police brutality against black people. Groups such as N.W.A., The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest were the pioneers of this subgenre.

This style of rap focuses on a person’s feelings, which is a different way of telling a story than other types of rap. It is a popular style of hip-hop that has a lot of critics.

A popular style of abstract hip-hop, mumble rap draws influence from both hip-hop and realism movements. It consists of rap lyrics that are not controlled by the beat, and focus on a person’s feelings and emotions.

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