Abstracthiphop is an experimental style of hip hop that eschews many of the genre’s conventions. Lyrically, these artists tend to focus on more abstract ideas such as existentialism or social institutions. They also avoid the more upfront, visceral language of typical Hip Hop and instead prefer extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice.

The roots of the hip-hop culture

Abstract Hip Hop grew out of the 1980s and 1990s music era, when artists such as N.W.A, Outkast, and the Bad Boy Family began making gangsta rap. This abrasive, criminal and violent style of rap found a strong following among the people, but was also very controversial by the media.

During this era, some hip hop artists started using samples from various sources such as jazz, funk, and soul music. This helped make a stronger connection with the audience.

The production in the hip-hop era was also very advanced, with drum machines such as the Roland TR 808 being used to make beats. These beats were very heavy, and the sound was incredibly complex.

Abstract Hip Hop is a more edgy and alternative style of hip hop that combines elements of jazz, funk, soul and electronic music. It is also very experimental and avant-garde, and often incorporates a large variety of samples from a wide range of sources. This makes it a unique style of music that is very popular with underground hip hop artists. It can be found in most genres of hip hop, but is most commonly heard in the underground scene.

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