Abstracthiphop is a musical counterculture movement that defies genre boundaries. It’s the moody little brother of boom-bap and an enigmatic subgenre that’s just starting to reach its zenith.

Abstracthiphop is a form of rap that’s based off lyrics, concepts, and delivery. It also departs from what’s normative in hip hop music outside of the lyrics.


Abstract hip hop is a style of music that combines elements of hip hop with experimental and avant-garde sounds. It is characterized by unconventional production techniques, abstract and often surrealistic lyrical content, and the use of samples from a variety of sources.

It is usually associated with the underground hip hop scene. It eschews many of the genre’s conventions, such as its focus on everyday problems or braggadocio, instead preferring extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice. It also uses unconventional beats that are akin to those found in experimental hip hop.

The roots of abstract hip hop can be traced back to New York City in the 1970s. During block parties, DJs began isolating percussion breaks from funk, soul and disco songs. As the style developed, performers spoke over these songs and became known as MCs or emcees.

These performers used slang and a wide range of phrases to attract the attention of the crowd and make them want to dance. They started by speaking between the songs, giving exhortations to dance and greetings to audience members. This practice eventually led to rapping, which is the main musical form of hip hop.

In addition to rapping, the style has also become known for its distinctive slang. Its terms are not only a part of the hip hop culture itself, but they have been assimilated into many different dialects across America and even abroad. They include words such as f*ck, n*gga, dis, and homie.

This language is very expressive and can be interpreted as a way of expressing emotions, social status, or self-representation. It is also a form of expression that can help an individual to deal with difficult situations.

Another aspect of hip hop is its knowledge of history, values, and ideas. Its leaders believe that through these elements, people can take control of their lives. It is a belief that can be seen in the work of Bambaataa, who believed in studying history as a way to understand a world that was not his own.

A number of artists in the abstract hip hop scene have studied history and politics to create their music, while others have adapted traditional elements such as drumming and beatboxing to the abstract style. It is this combination that makes abstract hip hop a unique genre.


Abstract hip hop is a subgenre of rap that draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including classical music, electronics and other genres. The genre’s roots can be traced back to the 1960s, when hip-hop was a popular African American form of expression and a means to express views about society.

Many people have contributed to the development of the art form, from rappers to DJs to artists who have created their own forms of hip hop. They have included R&B, funk, soul and jazz performers and musicians, as well as poets and spoken-word pioneers like Iceberg Slim and Gil Scott-Heron.

Some of the most important songwriters of this generation were Iceberg Slim, Sonny Terry, Jazmine Sullivan and Alicia Keys. These writers and musicians helped create the genre’s sound, laying the foundation for its stylistic diversity.

Another influential artist was DJ Toomp, a member of Three 6. This Memphis club rap collective innovated certain flows and rap styles that would become widely used throughout the genre.

A third influence was Lil Wayne, who helped popularize autotune and transformed the way street rappers crafted their sounds. He also helped make mixtapes into full-fledged albums and pushed the limits of technical control, making his work an inspiration for everyone from Future to Drake.

This style is closely related to conscious hip hop, which aims to promote positive social change by addressing the issues of race, gender, poverty and discrimination. It often blends alternative rock, punk and hip hop to create a uniquely personal style.

Abstract hip hop has drawn a lot of influences from the electronic music scene and has been influenced by artists such as Madlib, Dalek, Clouddead, Aesop Rock and Massive Attack. Its sound is based on a blend of classical dub drops and dirty cuts directly sampled from vinyl, combined with heavy beats.

Some of the most emblematic albums from this genre have come from France, where abstract hip hop is considered one of the most prestigious and respected styles in the world. These French artists mastered the art of this genre, which has made them famous all over the world.


Abstract hip hop music uses a variety of techniques to create its unique sounds. It often incorporates elements of jazz, funk, soul, and electronic music. It also combines spoken word and poetry with rapping to produce a genre that is unique from other forms of hip hop.

One of the most notable techniques used in abstract hip hop is the use of vocal pitch. This technique is a type of musical parallelism that emphasizes specific beats in a song’s rhythmic pattern and de-emphasizes others. It can be very effective when it is used correctly, and can make the song more complex and dynamic.

Another technique that is commonly used in abstract hip hop is the blending of multiple rhythms into one song. This can be done through the use of loops and layered tracks that combine rhythms from different sources into a single song. The technique is used by artists such as DJ Shadow, Portishead, and Aesop Rock to create a very interesting and innovative hip hop sound.

Other techniques that are sometimes used in abstract hip hop include the use of samples, or fragments of songs, as well as sounds and references. These sampled fragments are usually layered to create an artistic object that can be understood by those who can interpret it properly.

For example, the rapper Mos Def often uses a combination of samples to create a new and unusual musical style. These samples are often taken from movies and other music, and can include elements such as drums, trumpets, bass, and more.

In addition to samples, rappers often use vocal pitch to de-emphasize specific beats in a song’s pattern. This can be very effective when it is used correctly, but can also be very confusing and unnatural to listen to.

Similarly, other rappers use their vocal pitch to emphasize specific words or phrases in a song. For example, the MC’s use of vocal pitch to emphasize the first and third beat of each bar in Eminem’s “The Ringer” (2018) is an extremely common technique that works very well.

The technique of combining multiple rhythms into one song is also very common in abstract hip hop, especially when it is done with samples. The rappers will often blend multiple rhythms to create a new and interesting musical style that can be very effective when it is done correctly.


Abstract hip hop is a type of music that blends elements from jazz, funk, soul, electronic and spoken word. It is considered a progressive and experimental form of hip hop that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is characterized by its unconventional production techniques, abstract and often surrealistic lyrical content, and use of samples from a wide range of sources.

Conscious Hip-Hop

A response to the riots and police brutality in Los Angeles during the 1990s, conscious hip-hop was born with boom-bap features but this time with political lyrical content that screamed anger towards the oppression of black communities in America. Initially, conscious hip-hop was a subgenre of the mainstream but since the mid 2000s, it has gained recognition as a separate genre.

Among the most prominent conscious hip-hop artists are Melle Mel, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Akala, Dead Prez and Talib Kweli. They all aimed to raise awareness of socio-political issues through their raps.

Another style of abstract hip-hop is cloud rap, which is a music genre that was popular in 2010 and features airy-sounding production styles. This genre grew out of the popularity of rapper Lil B, who was known for his more ambient sounding tracks.

Footwork is a subgenre of abstract hip-hop that is characterized by a unique grooves and melodies in very high B.P.M.s. It is a fusion of trap and bass music that incorporates fast-paced hi-hats, great jazz and soul samples.


This style of abstract hip-hop was created in the late ’90s by hip-hop obsessives who rejected commercialization and preferred the more thought-provoking styles that did not reach the mainstream. Backpackers wore backpacks filled with books, rhyme pads and spray paint, and their music reflected their desire to create something unique.

Several artists were influential in this style, including Clams Casino, A Tribe Called Quest, Karriem Riggins and MF DOOM. Eventually, this style spread across the globe and became a hugely popular subgenre of hip-hop.

This album was released on vinyl, a first for an abstract hip-hop release. This album is a real treat for collectors of this genre, as well as those who are just starting to listen to it. It’s a 24-minute album and a great way to get started with this style of music.

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