Abstracthiphop is a new sub-genre of hip hop that combines elements of experimental and avant-garde sounds with hip hop lyrics and production techniques. This genre often incorporates samples from a wide range of sources, as well as spoken word and poetry.

Loop Rap, NY Lo & ‘New York Hip Hop’

There’s been an interesting scene growing in New York in the past few years where artists are rejecting all of the materialistic stereotypes that go with being a modern day rapper. They are making music in a loose style, with jazzy sample heavy drum-less DIY beats.

They’re a loose group and have been making music together for almost 5 years at least, but they’ve already got a fan base and it’s only a matter of time before they get the recognition they deserve. This is an incredible opportunity for young social activists to speak their truth through their own homegrown genre and push forward a unique sound to the world.

Continuities and ruptures in hip hop culture

One of the key features that distinguishes hip hop as a black cultural form situated at the nexus of late-modernism and post-modernism is its tendency to embrace contradiction. This ambiguity and pliability enable it to move across geographic and particularly sociological boundaries, as well as to withstand efforts to demarcate and contain it.

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