Abstracthiphop is an exciting sub-genre of hip hop that blends engagingly cryptic lyricism with often experimental beats. It is often more obscure than mainstream hip hop and can be intimidating to listeners, but is very addictive!

This genre of hip hop incorporates a variety of elements such as rap, beat boxing, graffiti writing, music production, and many others. It is a type of hip hop that has roots in black diasporic traditions and is very much rooted in contemporary black subjectivity.

Embracing entrepreneurship and counter-hegemonic spirit

A central aspect of the ethos of hip hop is the way that its practitioners regularly try to repurpose what is available to them in order to generate sensation and spectacle. In particular, the way in which it utilizes intertextually-positioned continuities and ruptures to produce surplus meaning across spaces of social activity and contexts is key to its ability to engender and sustain its presence.

Another dimension of the ethos of hip hop is its capacity to produce hype. As discussed above, the way in which deejays layer different songs together to create a seamless (flow) or strategically punctuated (ruptured) mix is crucial for the generation of this sentiment.

Additionally, adlib vocal recordings, also known as “hype men” and “hype women,” are important in this process. Adlibs are voice samples used to punctuate the main vocal track and can include a range of sounds such as grunts, ah-huhs, and running commentary. In addition, the adlibs may also involve an exaggerated vocal pitch.

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