Abstracthiphop is a subgenre that is starting to take off in the music industry. It is a very experimental genre with very emotional depth and it is very unique.

Hip hop originated with Kool Herc and his deejaying style that consisted of reciting rhymes over instrumentals. Eventually it became a very popular music and it has influenced many other styles.


Abstracthiphop is a genre of hip hop music that is more obscure both lyrically and sonically than traditional hip hop. It can be a difficult genre to understand and enjoy, but it can also be one of the most rewarding.

Abstract hip hop artists eschew many of the conventions that define mainstream rap music, such as braggadocio and everyday problems. Instead, abstract rappers tend to use extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice. They also generally focus on more abstract ideas such as existentialism or social institutions.

The lyrics of abstract hip hop are often more complex and surreal, which can make them harder to understand at first. However, abstract hip hop lyrics are often highly creative and thought-provoking. This is because these songs usually involve a combination of witty, poetic wordplay with assonance and rhyming stanzas.

In this way, abstract rap lyrics can be more interesting than typical rap, which tends to focus on simple everyday problems and braggadocio. They can also be more entertaining, because they are often more imaginative and show instead of tell.

Moreover, abstract hip hop lyrics are usually more conscious and have a political/social message rather than an egotistical rap. This makes them a lot more interesting to listen to than gangsta rap, which is typically centered on a single MC’s life story and has a very direct message.

This makes them more accessible to a wider audience and can be a great way to promote political awareness and social change in a fun and entertaining manner. It can be very easy to become sucked into the abstract rap genre and lose track of the underlying message of the song, but it’s important to keep your focus on what’s being said.

The rap lyrics that were studied in this article are rooted in the urban landscape of New York City, which is an example of how space plays an important role in hip-hop music. These songs all refer to the same urban spaces, such as the whole city, a neighborhood and a street, but they focus on different aspects of these spaces. For instance, Nas refers to the city in “N.Y. State of Mind,” Masta Ace to a neighborhood in “H.O.O.D,” and Big L to a street in “Street Struck.”


Abstract hip hop is a unique subgenre of hip hop that challenges the genre’s conventions both lyrically and musically. This can make the music intimidating, but it also creates a very exciting and addicting experience for listeners.

This genre is often characterized by engagingly cryptic lyricism and complex beats that can be incredibly deep and thought-provoking. Whether you’re new to this genre or a veteran, you’ll find that the music and ideas it brings can change your perspective and open your mind to a world of possibilities.

The beats of abstract hip hop are typically more unconventional than the beats of other forms of rap, and some artists even prefer to use samples of actual drum sounds rather than creating their own. This is particularly common with sampled drum machines, like the analog Roland TR-808 or the digital E-mu SP-12 and SP-1200 series, that have been an integral part of hip hop production for decades.

Many beats in this style are sampled from vinyl records, especially the more obscure ones. These can be a great way to add an element of history to your songs, as they are typically a reflection of the time in which the record was made.

Other samples can be found on digital samplers, such as the Akai MPC series or the E-mu SP-12 and SP-1200. These can be used to craft a wide range of rhythmic patterns, from pulsating beats to more intricate, abstract pieces.

Some abstract hip hop albums feature a combination of both samples and live drums. These can be a great way to bring more of a live feel into your songs, as well as adding a layer of texture and color that would be otherwise impossible with just samples alone.

For example, the album MADVILLAINY by MF DOOM is one of the most enduringly popular abstract hip hop albums of all time. The record combines the best of both worlds: a heavy-handed, satirical approach to rap with a genuinely original and compelling sound design.

Another great example of this style is the album cLOUDDEAD by Anticon, a trio of trippy Jews from Cincinnati. This album combines childlike wonder with Jungian dream logic, and the lyrics and instrumentals are extremely bizarre.


Abstract hip hop is a sub-genre of hip hop that combats the mainstream and is much more obscure both lyrically and sonically. It is an addictive and intriguing genre of music that can be a bit intimidating for some.

The production of abstract hip hop consists of using a variety of samples and other elements to create a unique sound. The beats that make up this music can be very complex and sometimes experimental. It can also be very emotional and can touch on a wide range of topics including depression, loneliness and death.

There are many different types of producers that work within the abstract hip hop genre and some of them are more accessible than others. Some of the most notable abstract hip hop producers include L’Orange, Preservation and billy woods.

Producers that work in the abstract hip hop genre typically use a digital audio workstation (DAW) to produce their beats and instrumentals. This is because the software-based tools are cheaper, easier to expand and require less space than their hardware counterparts.

While this is a common practice in modern rap production, some beatmakers prefer the traditional use of drum machines to produce their beats. These drum machines are often powered by a battery and can be used to create very complex patterns.

Another form of drum beat is created by sampled percussion parts from songs, such as those found in funk and soul music. These are then mixed together to create a rhythmic beat that is used by rappers.

A third method of creating drum beats is to use a synthesizer or electronic instrument. These instruments can be found in most popular music styles and can also be used for hip hop production.

The most common drum machine for producing hip hop beats is the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer. This drum machine was first produced in the early 1980s and has been a staple of hip hop since then.

The production of abstract hip hop can be very diverse and many artists have their own unique style that they are known for. This can be seen in tracks like “Riot!” from Odd Future where Earl Sweatshirt uses jazz samples to create a very experimental sound that is very avant-garde and different than what we are used to hearing in hip hop.


Abstract hip hop is a style of music that combines elements of jazz, funk, soul, and electronic music. It is characterized by unconventional production techniques and innovative lyrical content.

While abstract hip hop may seem intimidating, it is actually a very intriguing and addictive genre of music. It combines a variety of musical styles and sounds and eschews some of the traditional conventions of conventional hip hop, such as gangsta beats or braggadocio.

This style is most commonly associated with underground rap, but has also seen its fair share of mainstream success. Some of the most renowned examples include rappers such as J Cole, Melle Mel and Dead Prez who use their lyrics to raise awareness about social issues and political movements.

The music itself is often based on samples from a wide range of sources, such as classical music, electronic dance music and other popular genres. Some artists even incorporate samples from other genres of music such as rock, psychedelic and ambient music.

Abstract hip hop is a fairly recent subgenre of the hip hop genre, but it owes its origins to a number of pioneers from renowned producers such as DJ Krush and DJ Shadow to acclaimed acts including Clouddead, Aesop Rock and Massive Attack. It is not without its fair share of controversy however, and some claim that it lags behind the more well-known subgenres such as gangsta hip hop and breakcore.

It is a style of rap that eschews many of the conventions of mainstream rap, and it often uses cryptic language or extensive metaphors in order to convey its messages. It is also a style that utilizes avant-garde music and production techniques in order to produce a more unique sound than its peers.

A relatively new subgenre of the hip hop genre, cloud rap utilises airy, ambient soundscapes in order to convey its message. The term was coined in 2010 following the more hazy tracks of self-proclaimed ‘Based God’ Lil B, and it has since spawned a number of lauded pioneers such as producer Clams Casino and Oakland duo Main Attrakionz.

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