Abstracthiphop is a genre of hip hop that has gained popularity in the underground scene since the early 2000s. Lyrically, artists often deviate from the conventional rhyme and rhythm of traditional hip hop by using extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice. They also often feature unconventional beats that are similar in style to experimental hip hop.

Artists like Kevin Abstract and Tyler, The Creator take the genre in a more conscious direction by presenting political/social/introperspective lyrics that people can understand and feel. They have a clear meaning and meassage in their music but also make sure that it is not too obvious.

The political origin story of hip hop often references the entrepreneurial drive that accompanies its growth as a black American cultural form (Bonnette 2015). This inclination towards the pursuit of profit has its roots in broader dispositions that encourage the expression of difference and oppositional characters that challenge social injustices, such as those surrounding race and class.

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