Abstracthiphop represents an emerging genre of hip hop music and culture that is often described as experimental or avant-garde. This type of music is characterized by the use of samples, looping breaks and beatboxing to create the sound of rap music.

Abstracthiphop also incorporates the use of percussion and speech as a way to create music. This makes abstracthiphop unique and unlike many other genres of hip hop.

What is abstracthiphop?

Abstract hip hop is a sub-genre of hip hop music that combines elements of various musical styles. It can include jazz, funk, soul and electronic music as well as spoken word and poetry. It is characterized by its unconventional production techniques, abstract and often surreal lyrical content and use of samples from a wide range of sources.

It is also associated with the underground hip hop scene. While it may seem intimidating to those new to this genre, abstract hip hop is a deeply thought-provoking and addictive genre of music.

The term ‘abstract’ refers to the idea of “absurdity”, “nonsensical”, and “magical.” These characteristics can be used to describe a variety of styles, including experimental hip hop.

Unlike traditional rap music, which can focus on the rapper’s own personal experience, abstract hip hop explores the broader world around us, often through metaphors and references that are more difficult to translate into a single, coherent song. The ideas and themes of abstract hip hop are often profound and thought-provoking, incorporating elements of poetry, jazz, psychology, and other forms of academic thought.

While many artists in the abstract hip hop genre are conscious about their lyrical content, it isn’t always so. For example, TPAB doesn’t always make sense but his lyrics are very political and social.

He also uses a lot of metaphors that are hard to understand and often sounds like a poem with double meanings. He does however still try to get his message across in a very straightfoward manner.

If you’re looking to start a journey into the world of abstract hip hop, there are some albums that you can begin with. Some of these will be more accessible to you than others, but they are all very well worth checking out!


Abstract hip-hop is a genre of hip hop music that incorporates various elements of other styles of music and lyrical content. It is often regarded as an experimental and progressive form of hip hop.

The genre is characterized by unconventional production techniques and an eclectic range of lyrical content. The style can range from surreal, poetic lyrics to more direct social commentary and political activism. It also often uses samples from a wide variety of sources, including jazz, funk, soul, electronic and even poetry.

It is considered a subgenre of experimental hip-hop and is largely associated with the underground hip-hop scene. The genre is most prominent in the United States, Canada and Australia.

The genre’s name is derived from the fact that it eschews many of the conventions of traditional hip hop, such as beats, braggadocio and overly aggressive lyrics. It often employs extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice to convey complex ideas and concepts.

There are a number of artists who have become renowned for their abstract rapping. Aesop Rock is usually cited as one of the most abstract rappers in the genre, with a large lexical variation and a highly creative approach to subject matter.

Similarly, MC Madlib’s alter-ego Lord Quas is a hilarious cartoon character who’s been used to spin some of his most expansive concept records. It’s a clever way for Madlib to explore his own confessional honesty, as well as to draw out hypnotic grooves from a variety of sonic sources.

Conscious hip-hop, on the other hand, is a term commonly used to describe a genre of rap that often raises socio-political awareness. This could include songs that portray poverty, drug addiction, gang violence or other social inequalities. It also includes rappers who focus on raising their own awareness of these issues, such as KRS-One and Dead Prez.


Abstract hip hop artists often incorporate other genres into their music, including rock, jazz, and electronic music. This can result in a hybrid sound that’s unique to each artist and helps set them apart from other rappers.

The influence of these other genres can be hard to measure, but it’s clear that they play a role in the way that abstract hip hop artists approach their songs. These influences can range from aesthetic considerations like production styles and rhythmic patterns to principles and ideas about the meaning of their lyrics.

Another major influence on the music of abstract hip hop is humor. This influence was especially evident in the earliest days of hip hop, when comedians such as Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, and Flip Wilson used rap and spoken word to imbue their comedy with street-level references. This practice was known as “playing the dozens,” and it helped develop a style of oration that’s still prevalent in the genre today.

In addition to the influence of other genres, abstract hip hop artists also draw inspiration from a variety of different sources. This includes their own personal experiences and the events that they’ve witnessed in their lives.

Aside from these influences, abstract hip hop artists also use a variety of instruments and techniques to make their songs. These techniques can include using synthesizers and other electronic instruments, as well as incorporating percussion into their songs.

One of the most experimental artists on this list is the trio cLOUDDEAD, who combine a fusion of childlike wonder and Jungian dream logic with their hip hop lyricism. This group’s name is derived from a nonsensical knock-knock joke that Doseone’s sister told him when he was five years old, and it shows throughout their music. This is one of the most original and strange albums on this list, and if you enjoy rap with an experimental edge, you’ll definitely want to check it out.


Abstract hip hop eschews many of the conventions associated with traditional hip hop, such as rhyme and rhythm. Instead, abstract hip hop artists use extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice in their lyrics. The style is also marked by unconventional beats and production techniques.

This style was first spotted in the early 2000s and has become a staple of underground hip hop since then. It draws influence from many genres, including jazz, funk, and electronic music, and incorporates spoken word and poetry into its compositions.

The lyrical content of abstract hip hop is often more lyrically complex than that of typical hip hop, and it typically avoids braggadocio and everyday problems in favor of broader philosophical topics such as existentialism or social institutions. Some artists may also adopt a “mumble” rap style that combines elements of both abstract and realism movements, with the focus on emotions and raw feelings rather than a life story.

In addition to the lyrics, abstract hip hop is also known for its unconventional production techniques and sample-based music. Some artists use a wide range of samples from various sources, and some may incorporate synthesised sounds as well.

Another style of hip hop is break dancing, which involves acrobatic vigour movements and upright moves as dancers move to the beat of the music. It is considered one of the most original styles of hip hop.

Conscious hip hop is a subgenre of abstract hip hop that seeks to promote socio-political awareness through rap music. It is most commonly associated with rappers who have a background in activism. Examples include KRS-One and Akala, who are renowned almost as much for their activism as they are their musical talents.


Abstract hip hop is a genre that uses unconventional production techniques, and incorporates elements of jazz, funk, soul, electronic music, spoken word, and poetry. It is often seen as a progressive form of hip hop and is associated with the underground hip hop scene.

This type of music tends to be lyrically more complex, surreal, and obscure than mainstream hip hop. It often focuses on existentialism and social institutions rather than braggadocio or everyday problems. It also tends to use extensive metaphors and symbolic words.

In addition, most abstract artists avoid the more common hip hop beats and samples in favor of more creative approaches. This can include using acoustic instruments, synthesizers, and other more experimental sounds to create their songs.

There are a lot of different artists that can be classified as abstract hip hop, and some of them have their own particular styles. However, the most important aspect of this genre is that it focuses on lyrics.

Many abstract hip hop artists also take inspiration from other genres of music, as well as their own culture. For example, the French band L’Agence made an album that was a mix of experimental hip hop and afro-beat. The album was inspired by DJ Krush, Madlib, Dalek, Clouddead and other experimental rap artists.

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