Abstracthiphop is a style of hip hop that deviates from many of the genre’s conventions. Lyrically, these artists tend to focus on more abstract ideas such as existentialism or social institutions instead of braggadocio. They also use extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice to convey their messages.

It’s a style that has been a mainstay of the underground hip hop scene since the early 2000s, and it is characterized by unconventional production techniques, abstract and often surrealistic lyrical content, and the use of samples from a wide range of sources. Some of the more well-known artists in this genre include Mavi, Medhane, Pink Siifu, Ovrkast and Navy Blue.

The genre is growing steadily in New York, where a tight network of rappers and poets are creating a unique sound. It’s a genre that is essentially anti-mainstream and jazzy, yet it rejects all the materialistic stereotypes associated with a’modern day rapper’.

This is a great sub-genre of hip hop to check out. It’s a genre that combines jazzy sounds with heavy beats and lyrical content that is a lot more abstract than most other hip hop.

This is a genre that can be heard all over the place, but it’s something that is slowly starting to gain traction in the mainstream hip hop world as more and more artists are pushing forward this style. It’s a style that has a strong connection to the underground hip hop scene and it’s a style that is incredibly exciting and unique.

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