Abstracthiphop (also known as adlib hip hop) is a style of rap that has eschewed most of the conventions associated with conventional hip hop. It focuses on lyricism and lyrics that are much more complex and surreal than what is usually found in mainstream hip hop.

Abstract hip hop combines a variety of different sounds to create unique, ethereal hip-hop tracks that have a unique sound all on their own. This is a great style of music for producers who want to add some interesting, creative elements into their tracks.

The ethos surrounding hip hop is a distinct but pervasive expression of contemporary black subjectivity that crystallized in 1970s New York City and proliferated into a potent ethos of the subaltern embraced within socially marginalized youth communities throughout the world. It has the ability to repurpose and productively consume cultural materials and symbols while also offering itself as a source of inspiration, social support, and social and psychological balm to the violence that is perpetually rooted in capitalist society.

The ethos that surrounds hip hop involves intertextual priorities of self-promotion and collective community promotion. It places a high value on territoriality in reference to New York City’s diverse boroughs and a particular reliance on close-knit circles of affiliated allegiants who serve as sources of social support. It also aspires to turn consumption into new modes of cultural production and meaning-making through a practice of productive consumption that gets elaborated through sampling.

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