Abstracthiphop combines elements of hip hop with experimental and avant-garde sounds. The genre often incorporates jazz, funk, soul, and electronic music, as well as spoken word and poetry.

The genre is characterized by its use of unconventional production techniques and surrealistic lyrical content. It is also known for its use of samples from a variety of sources.

Rappers that create this style of music often rely on looping and chopping up samples from a wide range of sources to make their beats, similar to loop rap producers. However, a distinctive feature of this style is the use of pitch changes to create rhythmic layers that are not typically found in conventional hip-hop.

This style of music is a great example of how hip-hop can be used to reflect on social issues and challenges. This style is a great tool for young people who are struggling with their lives and are looking for an outlet to express their thoughts and feelings. This style of music is especially popular in New York City and is a growing trend in hip-hop.

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