Abstracthiphop is a genre of hip hop that combats the mainstream, lyrically and sonically. It is a young movement that is just getting started, but has the potential to be very successful.

The genre began in the Bronx, New York City borough when a Jamaican DJ called Kool Herc deejayed and rapped over instrumentals. It eventually spread to other cities.


Hip hop was born in the United States, but it has been influenced by many cultures across the world. It is a genre that has many styles and is very popular all around the world. It has also had many different artists in it and it can be difficult to determine who is the most influential.

The most common influences that are found in hip hop are R&B, funk, soul, jazz and rock and roll. Other styles of music that are often listened to when listening to hip hop include alternative rock, punk and reggae.

Another significant influence on hip hop is autotune technology. This technology is used to create effects on the artists’ voices and it makes the songs sound more beautiful. Some of the most important rappers that use this technique are T-Pain, Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

In the years before rap was invented, there were groups that performed ceremonial and parliamentary affairs. These groups were very powerful and were able to attract the audience. They would use slang words and rhymes that would be very interesting to listen to.

These slang words and rhymes helped the audience to understand what was being said in the music that was being played. It also helped the people to get more interested in the music.

Besides slang, these groups also used special rhythms and harmonies that were very appealing to the audience. These were very important for the popularity of hip hop in the early days.

Other influences on hip hop were fashion and style. These were very important for the artists to have an attractive look. This made the artists very famous in the world and they were able to get a lot of money from their fans.

Today, hip hop has a very different look than it was in the past and is a very popular genre all over the world. This is because it is a very free form of music and has many different styles and tastes.

There are many artists that have made abstract hip hop and they have influenced it in a very good way. Some of these artists have made a huge impact on the world and they have had a great effect on the lives of many people. Some of these artists have even been able to give back to the community that helped them be successful.


Abstract hip hop is a distinct genre that deviates from the conventions of mainstream rap. It is a sub-genre of experimental music that combines elements of jazz, soul, funk and electronic music to create an alternative hip hop sound. It also features unconventional production techniques and unconventional lyrical content.

While abstract hip hop may not be as accessible as the mainstream, it is still an important and influential genre of music. It is a great way to explore new styles of music and can be an interesting form of expression.

There are several styles of abstract hip hop that have emerged over the years. One of these is mumble rap, which is a style that focuses on raw feelings rather than telling a life story. This is a movement that has drawn inspiration from artists such as Lupe Fiasco and Earl Sweatshirt.

Another style is gangsta rap, which consists of more serious songs that focus on social issues and often involve braggadocio. It is a genre that has gained popularity in recent years.

These MCs use metaphors and double meanings in their lyrics, but they also have clear and concise messages that everyone can understand. This is a different style of rap to abstract hip hop, which tends to be more surreal and complex.

This type of rap can be a good way to make music that is more personal and unique, but it is not always easy to find a band that can do it well. Some people are more comfortable with the abstract style of rap, while others prefer the more straight forward lyrics.

The best way to find a good abstract hip hop band is to listen to their album and vote for it based on the quality of their music. This way, you can ensure that you are voting for the best abstract hip hop bands in the world!

This list includes a wide variety of abstract hip hop bands, from all over the world. You can sort the list by label, what albums they’ve released and even what other genres they are associated with. You can also find a link to their website if you would like more information. The list is updated regularly, so if you’re looking for a great abstract hip hop band, this is the place to start.


Abstract hip hop uses unconventional production techniques and incorporates elements of jazz, funk, soul and electronic music. It often combines lyrics with spoken word and poetry, and incorporates samples from a wide range of sources.

The lyrical components of hip hop consist of rhythmic rhymes, using techniques such as assonance and alliteration, and are accompanied by a beat, which is usually created or performed by a DJ or producer. This can be a beat from an existing song, or it can be built up from individual drum samples.

In addition, beats are often constructed with other sounds, including scratching on vinyl records. Turntablism, the art of spinning records to create a new sound, has become an essential source for fresh style in hip hop.

Another essential component of hip hop is the MC, the rapper who performs a vocal part on a recording. Traditionally, the best MCs are formal poets, capable of delivering intricate rhyme schemes that build to an impressive degree of complexity and synchronicity. However, the genre also has a history of MCs who use freestyle skills to improvise and surprise their audiences with off-the-beat phrasing.

For example, Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q employ speech-like pitch in their rapping to “resolve” phrases at the end of rhymed lines. This type of pitch-strengthening can help a rapper achieve a sense of quickly mounting tension, especially when combined with exaggerated declamatory styles such as Snow Tha Product’s pronounced syllable-shouting in her track “Get Down Low” (2016).

These techniques may help a MC to elicit an emotional response from his listeners, which can be particularly powerful in hip hop songs that express political or social concerns. This style of hip hop is sometimes called “conscious rap” because it uses metaphors and double meanings to convey complex messages.

During the 1980s, new styles and subgenres of hip hop developed. One notable movement was the instrumental hip hop genre, which incorporated sampled funk and film scores into its music. This genre has influenced many producers and musicians since its inception.

Abstract hip hop has a reputation for being more challenging than other types of hip hop, but it isn’t without its appeal. Some MCs, like Shabazz Palaces, are more than willing to challenge the boundaries of the genre, incorporating a variety of percussive instruments from around the world in a dark and enthralling blend that’s hard to put down. Others, like Aesop Rock, present a more literary approach to abstract hip hop.


Abstract hip hop is a genre that eschews many of the conventions that are typically associated with rap music. Artists in this style tend to focus on more abstract ideas such as existentialism or social institutions rather than everyday problems and braggadocio, and their lyrics are often less upfront and more complex than those of typical rappers.

The style has gained popularity in the underground hip hop scene since the early 2000s. It is characterized by an emphasis on more abstract ideas and less conventional language, as well as unconventional beats that are akin to those of experimental hip hop.

This style is a reaction against the mainstream, and can be considered a satirical response to the often overtly gangster elements that are common in traditional hip hop. It also draws on a wide range of influences, from jazz and rock to punk and alternative rock, as well as funk and soul.

While some artists may not be as well known, abstract hip hop can be an intriguing and addictive genre. It can be a challenge to find quality abstract albums, but it is worth it.

Madlib, for example, is a renowned artist in the abstract hip hop community. His lyrical style is a combination of freestyle and spoken word, but he still makes use of a number of different instruments to enhance the musicality of his songs.

He has a strong sense for rhythm, and his music never tries to overpower the listener with unnecessary percussion or beats. He also has a good handle on melody, which allows him to create intricate musical structures that are both memorable and thought provoking.

Other well-known abstract MCs include MF DOOM, who embodies several distinct character personalities in his sonic multiverse. His alter egos include Viktor Vaughn, the three-headed space dragon King Ghidra/Geedorah, and Zev Love X.

These characters exist in parallel realities, taunting their enemies and plotting world domination through polysyllabic rhymes. They have all been featured on a series of incredibly deep and complex concept records.

While the idea of a concept album is not new, few have been more compelling than this one. Dan the Automator (as The Cantankerous Captain Aptos), Del the Funky Homosapien (as Deltron Zero/Deltron Osiris), and DJ Kid Koala combine to create an incredibly textured, and challenging, listening experience. This album is not only a classic, but a milestone in hip-hop history as well.

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