Abstracthiphop (often referred to as experimental hip hop) is a genre that departs from the norm both lyrically and sonically. This genre of music can be intimidating to many as it is a complete contrast to the mainstream hip hop sound that we are all so used to, however, there is a lot of potential within this genre.

Loop Rap: Jazzy, sample heavy beats with no drum pattern

Abstract hip hop is a genre that is quickly becoming popular in the New York scene. It is a mix of jazzy, sample heavy DIY beats that are incredibly innovative and lyrical. It is also a genre that is fueled by young social activists that are fighting against all of the negative stereotypes of the modern day rapper.

It is also a genre that is based off of a rapper’s lyrics and concepts instead of just their delivery. This makes it a great way for rappers to express themselves and make their voices heard while still keeping it unique and original.

Artists in this genre often take inspiration from different genres of music to create their own style. They use their own samples to make their beats and their lyrics are not always the same as the mainstream hip hop artists.

The abstract hip hop movement is a very up and coming genre that is only 5 years old at most but has a lot of potential to reach a wide audience. This is a genre that will grow exponentially over time and is definitely something worth checking out.

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