Abstract Hip-Hop

Abstract hip-hop is an emerging sub-genre of rap music. It combines slow-tempo beats with heavy sampling and lyrical content that often explores deep psychological or social themes.

Abstract hip-hop has been linked to visual art since the genre’s inception, and has influenced many different facets of society. This article explores how artists have incorporated hip-hop’s cultural values into their work and how those connections have changed over time.

What is abstract hip-hop?

Abstract hip-hop is a sub-genre of hip-hop music that incorporates elements of jazz, funk, soul and electronic music into its production. Its lyrical content is often abstract and includes extensive metaphors and symbolism.

This style of rap is a relatively new one and is often associated with the underground hip hop scene. It is a type of rap that uses unconventional beats, samples, and production techniques to create a more innovative and experimental sound.

It is a very different genre to mainstream hip-hop and may be intimidating to those new to the genre. But there is nothing to be afraid of – abstract rap can be very exciting and addictive.

There are a few notable artists in this sub-genre that you can count on to deliver the goods each time. These include Open Mike Eagle, Shabazz Palaces and Death Grips.

The best of the Abstract hip-hop genre is arguably Dark Comedy by Chicago-based rapper, poet, and musician Open Mike Eagle. With a soft spoken-word style and at times ambient production, Eagle delivers an album that is the epitome of what abstract rap is all about.

Another album that stands out is Black Up by Sacramento-based duo Shabazz Palaces, a highly conceptual piece of work that utilizes a variety of electronic sounds to highlight the intricate lyrical and musical concepts that make up this record. At ten tracks long, it is a solid effort that is definitely worthy of a listen.

In the abstract hip-hop world, it can be difficult to narrow down which albums are worth your attention. However, there are a few albums that can help you get started.

Hopefully, the following albums will give you a good taste of the abstract hip-hop genre. From the abstract to the industrial, these are some of the best albums in this category and will help you learn more about what this style of rap is all about.

The abstract hip-hop industry is a growing one, with many rap artists exploring the genre in new ways. The most interesting thing about this genre is that it allows for a wide range of creativity and exploration, while at the same time being very accessible.

Abstract hip-hop is a sub-genre of hip-hop.

Abstract hip-hop is a sub-genre of hip-hop that combines the elements of hip hop with more intellectual themes. It is a form of rap that draws from poetry, jazz, psychology and other forms of academic thought to create a music style that is both complex and profound.

It is a style of rap that is characterized by more complicated lyrics and rhyme structures than traditional hip-hop. These songs often have more intricate rhythms, and their ideas can be thought-provoking.

This type of rap is usually performed by rappers called emcees, or MCs, who chant rhythmic syllables in a style known as rapping. These rappers may also use other vocal styles, such as singing or spoken word. They may also add ad-libs and other creative features to their rapping.

The genre began in New York City in the 1970s as a movement that grew out of the DJ culture of the time. The early era of hip-hop saw the use of sampling, turntable-based production and simple rhythmic patterns in a duple meter.

In the 1980s, New York rappers like Tupac Shakur and Slick Rick were recognized for their musical talent. These rappers combined funk rhythms with rap music and became famous for their MC skills.

However, these rappers weren’t the only artists to use a mixture of hip-hop and funk in their music. In the 1990s, the fusion of hip-hop electronic drum beats with funk guitar samples created a new subgenre of hip-hop. This style is referred to as G-Funk and has global superstars such as Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Another style of rap that uses a combination of funk and hip-hop is jazz rap, which was created by rappers such as A Tribe Called Quest and NWA. This type of rap focuses on a specific theme and is often accompanied by jazz instrumentals.

This type of rap is also a form of political activism. It is a way for rappers to speak out about important issues and is used to protest against social injustices. It is a powerful form of expression that has helped countless people around the world express their opinions.

Abstract hip-hop is a style of rapping.

Abstract hip-hop is a style of rapping that combines elements from different genres, such as jazz, funk, and soul. The music also incorporates samples from a variety of sources, including poetry and spoken word. It is often characterized by unconventional production techniques and abstract and surreal lyrical content.

Abstract rapping can take many forms, but it is usually based on a beat that has an intricate structure and uses a lot of sampled sounds. It is often a more experimental and progressive style of hip-hop than the mainstream, but it can also be very uplifting or thought-provoking.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, abstract hip-hop arose as a new sub-genre of hip-hop, often seen as a way to combat the more mainstream styles of the time. This genre of rapping is usually more obscure than the main hip-hop styles, but it can be very addictive and exciting to listen to.

One of the most well-known styles is boom-bap rapping, which features drum-beats that are punchy and hypnotic. These songs are accompanied by hard-hitting MCs who rap in line with the rhythm. It is a style that is still popular today and has inspired other sub-genres.

Another popular style of rapping is Latin trap, which has a lot of influence from reggaeton. It is a sub-genre that is dominated by Spanish and Puerto Rican artists, such as Rosalia and Bad Bunny.

Cloud rap is another form of rapping that has been around since the 2010s. This style of rapping is characterized by airy-sounding beats that are often more atmospheric than the dancy percussive grooves that are common in traditional hip-hop. The genre has a wide range of pioneers, including Clams Casino, Oakland duo Main Attrakionz, and A$AP Rocky.

This is a style of rapping that puts a darker twist on gangsta rap. It can be a bit silly, as in the case of Geto Boys member Bushwick Bill’s solo Phantom Of The Rapra, or it can be more gothic, such as the work of Three 6 Mafia.

Other popular abstract rapping styles include lo-fi rapping, which is characterized by jazz-rap style drums and moody samples. It is very popular, especially on YouTube streaming playlists. It can also be influenced by rock and pop music.

Abstract hip-hop is a genre of music.

Abstract hip-hop is a genre of music that combines elements of Hip Hop with avant-garde and experimental sounds. This style of music is characterized by unconventional production techniques, abstract and surrealistic lyrical content, and the use of samples from a wide range of sources.

Abstract hip-hop has become a common trend in the underground hip-hop scene since the 2000s, with artists eschewing many of the conventions associated with conventional rapping. Instead, abstract MCs often focus on existentialism or social institutions, and their lyrics tend to be more metaphor-heavy and symbolic.

For the most part, this is an underrated sub-genre of hip-hop. However, there are a few albums that stand out as must-haves for any abstract hip-hop fan.

MF DOOM is an iconic figure in the history of Abstract Hip-Hop, and he’s never been better than on The Mouse And The Mask. The lyrical complexity and intricate self-aggrandizing of DOOM’s music is unmatched, and the album’s unique blend of electronic, industrial, and punk rock beats really help to bring his complex concepts to life.

Another great example of this kind of abstract hip-hop is Busdriver, and Fear Of A Black Tangent may well be the best album he’s ever released. Featuring smart and hilarious rapid-fire flows over innovative production, plus features by fellow Project Blowedians Abstract Rude, Rifleman Ellay Khule, Mikah 9, and 2mex, this album is one of the most unique and original releases in Hip Hop from 2005.

Paraffin is a surprisingly deep and cerebral album by Backwoodz Studioz head honcho ELUCID and billy woods, and it may be one of the most interesting Hip Hop albums to hit the streets in 2012. It’s not for everyone, but those with an appreciation for ‘experimental/abstract’ Hip Hop or who are interested in the way ELUCID and billy woods paint their lyrical pictures will appreciate this deeply thought-provoking collaboration.

Dark Time Sunshine, a Seattle-based alternative Hip Hop duo, brought a breath of fresh air to the 2012 music scene with ANX. With lots of layered beats and drum breaks laced with synths and electronic sound effects, ANX may be too experimental for some, but if you’re a fan of abstract, alternative Hip Hop, it’s a must-have.

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