Abstract Hip Hop Samples – COSMIC

Abstract Hip Hop is a sub-genre of experimental Hip Hop which eschews many of the conventions that typically characterize typical Hip Hop. It is characterized lyrically by extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice, while musically it features unconventional beats.

Abstracthiphop reflects a range of social and cultural perspectives, including existentialism, social institutions, and personal experience. While it can be intimidating to hear a song with such a different sound from what you are used to, there are several essential and somewhat accessible albums that will help you get started in this style of music.

COSMIC is a futuristic hip hop sample pack that explores abstract beats and organic lo-fi vibes for producers that are looking to create a unique set of sounds. It includes fully unlocked customizable preset kits that allow you to re-arrange the samples and mix them into infinite combinations with our cutting-edge pattern sequencer.

This collection is created in-house by our Delectable Sample gurus taking inspiration from artists like DJ Krush, Madlib, Dalek, Clouddead, Aesop Rock, Massive Attack, Daniel Nakamura, DJ Shadow and Mick Harris’s Scorn.

The ambiguity and pliability of hip hop’s ethos enable it to move across geographic and particularly sociological boundaries, while also affording it a certain degree of resilience against efforts to demarcate it or devalue it. In turn, this ambiguity and pliability make it malleable in terms of its articulations with contemporary forms of late-capitalism.

It also encourages productive consumption through practices of borrowing, sharing and creative renovation. This re-contextualization of the racialized and working class youth markets saturating the global post-war cultural landscape provides an arena where individual and community self-worth is generated. Through these generative practices, hip hop is also able to generate sensation and spectacle.

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