Abstract Hip Hop Albums

Abstract Hip Hop is a sub genre of rap music that combines unconventional production techniques and abstract and sometimes surrealistic lyrical content. It is often associated with the underground hip hop scene.

This is a very eclectic genre that incorporates elements of experimental and avant-garde music as well as jazz, funk, soul, electronic music, and spoken word. It is generally regarded as a progressive form of hip hop, and has become a popular genre in many underground scenes worldwide.

It can be intimidating to listen to abstract rap due to the contrast between it and more mainstream styles of rap. Fortunately, there are plenty of albums that are extremely accessible to newbies and will introduce them to the genre.

XXX by Danny Brown (USA)

Danny Brown is a rapper who has become known for his high-pitched voice and frenetic delivery. He has been a renowned MC for the past few years and has cultivated a unique image. He has also been a huge influence on the current era of hip-hop, and his XXX album is a masterpiece that deserves to be heard by anyone who loves this genre.

Some Rap Songs by Earl Sweatshirt

This is a great example of abstracthiphop that features very deep and emotional lyrics from a very vulnerable rapper. The album has very interesting themes and is a very experimental piece of work. The album starts off with very eerie sounds and then ends on an incredibly bittersweet note.

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