Abstract Hip Hop

Abstract hip hop is a subgenre of hip hop that uses loops, jazzy samples and chopped up soul samples to create beats for rappers to rap over. The style is often influenced by producers like J Dilla and Nujabees but set apart by its lack of a drum pattern.

Abstracthiphop aims to provide artists with an unorthodox take on hip hop sound, taking them away from the typical drum patterns and letting their imaginations run wild. Featuring wonky beat scene loops, organic explorations and stunningly cryptic lyricism, this collection will make you want to get in the studio and start making some music!

The ethos of abstracthiphop is all about flow, layering and rupture.

Despite its late-modern and postmodern epochs, abstracthiphop embraces a principle of productive consumption: the art of appropriating commodities to envision new cultural possibilities (Schumacher 1995). In a world where resources are increasingly scarce and private ownership is valued less and less, hip hop repurposes what is available through the generative practices of repurposing, reconfiguring, and reinventing.

While this ethos is malleable and does not always align with socially relevant conceptions of authenticity, it remains a vital component of hip hop’s distinctive spirit.

The tenets that define hip hop’s ethos are grounded in five principles: excessive publicity or promotion–what affiliates refer to as “hype”; a commitment to individual and communal entrepreneurship; a committed politics of action and loyalty; a propensity to self-correct; and an innately polyphonic spirit. However, it is important to acknowledge that these qualities are inseparable from the social relations that animate them.

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