Abstract Hip Hop

Abstract hip hop is a sub-genre of hip hop that is much more obscure both lyrically and sonically. While it can seem intimidating, abstract hip hop is an addicting genre of music.

It is a form of music that has helped youths in the ghettos express their social injustice. Some of these songs have been thoughtful and have challenged the status quo, while others are more provocative and have disrupted the social norms.


Abstract hip hop is a style of hip hop that eschews the typical beat-driven rap sound in favour of more experimental and avant-garde techniques. Lyrically, it typically uses extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice to convey a more esoteric message than its mainstream counterparts.

It is also known for its use of unconventional production techniques such as looping, sampling and granular synthesis to create an almost cinematic feel. It often incorporates elements of jazz, funk, soul and electronic music as well as spoken word and poetry.

There are many subgenres of abstract hip hop, ranging from the minimalist acoustic productions of the 1970s to the futuristic electronics of today’s emcees. The best example of this type of rap can be found on Excursions by A Tribe Called Quest, which blends the nihilistic lyricism of gangsta rap with the propulsive bass grooves and pulsating synthesizer motifs of jazz rap to great effect.

The most notable example of this is the use of pitched rhythmic layers, which are the art of deliberately and markedly altering the pitch of one’s voice at select points in their flow to create a separate, but integral part of the overall sound. The trick is to do it at the right time and to the right degree so as to create the most impact with your lyrics and backing beats.

There is a fair amount of controversy about what actually defines abstract hip hop, with many fans choosing to classify it as an entirely new genre while others view it simply as the more artistic and experimental offshoot of mainstream hip hop. Whatever your definition of the genre, however, you’ll find that there are a few genuinely innovative albums which are worth checking out.


Abstract hip hop is a style of music that uses more abstract lyricism than the conventional forms of hip-hop. It is typically used as a way to convey ideas, metaphors, symbolism, and cryptic meanings.

It is influenced by rock music, but also has its own unique styles and techniques. It has spawned dozens of subgenres, including trap, grime, gangsta rap, rap rock (or nu metal), crunk, chillhop, bounce, mumble rap and Latin hip-hop.

The origins of the modern genre of hip hop began during block parties in New York City during the 1970s. DJs began isolating percussion breaks, usually from funk and soul songs, to create a musical style that was distinctive from other genres. MCs, or emcees, spoke between the songs, joking and exhorting audience members to dance.

Early hip-hop artists, such as DJ Kool Herc, Grand Wizzard Theodore, Afrika Bambaataa, and DJ Grandmaster Flash, were members of communities that included Black, Hispanic, and Caribbean American youth from the Bronx. They began to experiment with different techniques during parties, including longer percussive breakbeats, turntable techniques, scratching, freestyle and improvised vocals.

In addition, beatboxing, an art developed in nineteenth-century America that involves using the larynx and mouth to produce rhythms and melodies, is a major component of hip hop. Darren Buffy Rabinson, Duag E, Rah-zell and Kenny Mohammad were the first to use beatboxing in hip hop music.

Today, hip-hop is a multifaceted and highly popular form of music that has become an important part of American culture. It has a wide range of influences and is often used to convey social, political, or religious messages.

The slang words that are used in the music are very distinctive and have become widely accepted, especially by non-hip-hop fans. Words like homie, dis and what the dilly, yo, among others, are commonplace in contemporary society.


Abstract hip hop is a style of hip-hop music that defies many of the genre’s conventions. Lyrically, it tends to avoid the more straightforward language of typical rap, instead focusing on social issues and existentialism.

Moreover, artists in this style often use extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice in their lyrics. This allows them to express a wider range of ideas than traditional rappers.

Although abstract hip hop can be found in different places, it is most prevalent in the underground rap scene. Its popularity has risen with the rise of social media and Soundcloud.

The genre is rooted in the 1980s, but it has also been influenced by several other styles. This includes hip-hop from other countries, such as Nepal and Pakistan.

This type of hip-hop was very influential in these countries and had a huge impact on people’s lives. It offered freedom in every aspect, a new lifestyle, and a way to express their thoughts loudly.

These people had to survive and hip-hop was the solution for their problems. Choosing to be hip-hop artists was a great decision for them, as it allowed them to have a better life and freedom to express their ideas.

During this period, artists like T-Pain and Kanye West were very popular. They used autotune technology on their voices and created effects that gave the songs a special shape.

In this period, the influence of hip-hop was also great in the art world, especially in paintings and sculptures. The style of hip-hop had a significant influence on the work of artists like Basquiat and Warhol.

The art of abstract hip hop is a new wave of rap that mixes the elements of gangsta, bass, and party rap with experimental music. It is a more advanced form of hip-hop that incorporates elements of jazz, funk, soul, and electronic music.


Abstract hip hop is a genre of hip-hop that does not conform to the conventions that are commonly associated with traditional hip-hop. Its lyrical content is often more philosophical and abstract than that of mainstream rap. Similarly, most abstract hip hop artists also feature unconventional beats.

One of the darkest sub-genres is Horrorcore, which is a type of transgressive and dark gangsta rap with occult imagery and graphic lyrics. It has southern roots from Memphis and Houston, and the music features an occult narrative and a unique trap style of music. Some famous horrorcore artists include Geto Boys, Bushwick Bill, Three 6 Mafia, Gravediggaz and Necro.

Another popular subgenre of hip-hop is hyphy, which is known for its laid back style and west coast influences. It is a style that originated in the 90s and was influenced by Too $hort and E-40.

In addition, it has a strong musical connection to jazz rap. It has an aural sound that is similar to that of jazz fusion and features a number of different instrumental elements, including the use of beatboxing.

Conscious hip-hop is a form of hip-hop that expresses political issues and focuses on the problems in black communities. It is a response to the police brutality against African-Americans that was happening in the late 1990s. This form of hip-hop has a lot of similarities to boom-bap, but with a more political focus. It is a very influential style and was a huge part of the riots that occurred in Los Angeles.

A relatively new subgenre of abstract hip hop is emo rap, which incorporates nihilistic lyrical themes and melancholy melodies from the emo world. It also uses neo-R&B grooves and production styles to create a unique sound. The genre is most prominent in the United States, but it has spread to other countries as well.


Abstract hip hop is a genre that mixes elements of hip hop with unconventional production techniques and abstract and sometimes surrealistic lyrical content. It is often associated with the underground hip hop scene and consists of artists that use unusual beats and samples from a variety of sources.

Unlike conventional rap, abstract emcees tend to focus on more serious issues and ideas rather than braggadocio. They also tend to use extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice. This is often done to make the music more elusive, making it less accessible than mainstream hip hop.

In the 2000s, abstract hip hop has become a growing genre within the rap community. Artists that are considered to be in this genre include Chance The Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty.

These musicians have a very distinct style that is often compared to other forms of art and music, such as rock or electronic music. They often reference a variety of painters, and their lyrics are full of metaphors, double meanings, and references to different styles of art.

They can also use music from different genres, such as jazz or rock, in their songs. They often incorporate a range of instruments, including drums and percussion.

Although the genre may seem intimidating, it is an exciting one to listen to. It is full of innovative lyricism and unique sounds, as well as unconventional beats that can be quite ear-catching.

The music of these artists can be a little hard to understand at first, but if you put in the effort to get into it, you will eventually start to love it. It can be a great way to pass the time while you are traveling or just waiting for your favorite song to play on the radio.

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