Abstract Hip Hop

Abstract hip hop is a genre of music that is very different from the other hip-hop styles. The main difference is that it does not have the gangsta rap or street life themes that are associated with most other forms of hip-hop.

This sub-genre of hip-hop is often compared to experimental jazz or funk. It is characterized by unconventional production techniques, abstract and sometimes surreal lyrical content and use of samples from a wide range of sources.

It has become a very popular genre of hip-hop in the last decade. It has gained a worldwide fanbase and is considered to be one of the most diverse genres of music.

Unlike mainstream hip-hop artists like Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z or Kanye West, abstract rappers are often very different from the rest of the genre. They don’t rely on braggadocio or the everyday problems that are often found in mainstream hip-hop, they instead focus on themes of social critique, spirituality and existentialism.

The lyrics in these songs are usually very lengthy and contain metaphors, extensive symbolism and a lot of lyrical creativity. It is a very challenging genre to master and requires a lot of time and effort to achieve the best results.

Billy Woods – Aethiopes (2019)

Abstract hip-hop is an underground style of rap that does not have the same ties to the mainstream as traditional gangsta rap and street music. It has been a major part of the underground hip-hop scene in the 2000s and continues to grow. It combines elements of funk, jazz, and soul with unconventional production techniques to create an alternative sound to mainstream hip-hop.

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