Abstract Hip Hop

Abstract Hip Hop is a style of music that combines elements of experimental and avant-garde music with hip hop music. It often incorporates a wide range of sounds including jazz, funk, soul, and electronic music as well as spoken word and poetry.

Abstracthiphop has become a common fixture of the underground hip hop scene since its inception. It is characterized by unconventional production techniques, surrealistic and abstract lyrical content, and sampling from a wide range of sources.

The genre is often referred to as “leftfield” or “alternative” rap because it eschews most of the conventions of traditional hip hop. This includes a tendency for lyrics to focus on more abstract ideas, such as existentialism or social institutions rather than braggadocio or everyday problems.

This approach also eschews typical lyrical styles, which include rhyme and rhythm and instead features extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice. These techniques are similar to those used in other types of experimental and avant-garde music, such as electronica.

In contrast to the more traditional rap genre, abstracthiphop is often very emotional. This is especially noticeable in the works of artists like Earl Sweatshirt who has expressed great vulnerability on his debut album Some Rap Songs.

Abstract hip hop is not only an important outlet for artists who struggle to express their feelings, it is also an incredibly powerful tool for marginalized youth around the world who have experienced discrimination or have suffered from poverty. As a result, it is a valuable resource for researchers who want to study the social contexts of rappers and their music.

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