Abstract Hip Hop

Abstract Hip Hop is a subculture of hip hop music that is lyrically way more complex/surreal/obscure/unorthodox than the mainstream. It also has a lot of political/social/introperspective conscious lyrics.

Abstract hip hop is a genre of rap music that has been around for about a decade now, but it’s only recently starting to reach its zenith. It’s a moody little brother to boom-bap.

The Basics

Abstract hip hop is a genre of music that eschews many of the conventions of traditional hip hop. Lyrically, this style of rap typically focuses on ideas like existentialism or social institutions rather than braggadocio. In terms of production, abstract artists tend to use unconventional beats.

Abstract Hip Hop is a fun and addictive genre of music that can be challenging to fully understand. There are several key elements that make up the genre, including deejaying (turntabling), rapping (emceeing), graffiti art (graffiti painting) and break dancing (B-boying).

The most impressive aspect of abstract hip hop is its ability to straddle the line between mainstream hip-hop and experimental music. The best examples of this are the oeuvres of rappers like Earl, Lupe and Billy Woods.

In addition to the music itself, abstract hip-hop also uses the internet as a medium for communication. Using Twitter and other social media platforms, abstract MCs communicate with their fans using real-time messaging systems, such as chatbots.

In addition to these technological achievements, abstract hip-hop is also responsible for a few of the most memorable musical moments of the decade. From psychedelic jams to neo-soul classics, the genre has a knack for providing an array of musical pleasures that are impossible to recreate with conventional instruments. Moreover, with the release of YZY SND’s latest offering, Dreams Still Inspire, the abstract hip-hop community is set to see its first full-length reunion album in years. With the right amount of dedication and talent, these Chicago legends can deliver one of the most important messages of our time – that Hip-Hop is not a dying art form and that its defining characteristics have never been more relevant.

The Differences

Abstract hip hop is a type of music that deviates from the typical conventions of rhyme and rhythm. Instead, artists often use more abstract ideas and extensive metaphors to present their messages. They often also avoid the more braggadocio language that is associated with typical hip hop.

This form of music is popular among underground hip hop artists who have become a fixture in the genre since the early 2000s. The lyrics are often a bit more cerebral, with themes of existentialism and social institutions prevailing over everyday problems or braggadocio. Many of these artists have an unconventional approach to beats as well, with a style that is very much like experimental hip hop.

The style has gained popularity with fans of emo rock music, with rappers such as Drake and Future incorporating elements of this genre into their hip-hop. It has also influenced other rap artists to try and produce more vulnerable songs, with the likes of Lil Peep and XXXTentacion incorporating melancholic elements into their music.

These styles of rap are all different in their lyrical content and musical features, but they share a commonality in the way that they use a combination of rhyming and poetry to create a song. This style of rap can be used to express a variety of topics, including local events and relationships.

Another difference between rap and other types of music is that rap is often more commercial, with the subject matter being about issues such as relationships or consumer commercialism. This type of music is very popular with hip-hop fans, and has a tremendous impact on modern culture.

The style is based on an African American cultural heritage and has been around for quite some time, with many of the earliest styles originating in New York City in the 1970s. These artists were the first to adopt the rap style, which later became popular worldwide and still continues to impact modern culture. The genre has a very strong message that can be heard throughout all of the hip-hop subgenres. It also has a distinct flow and aesthetic that is unique to the style.

The Artists

Abstract hip hop is an experimental style of rap that takes inspiration from avant-garde music, including jazz, funk and electronic music. It also incorporates a variety of unconventional production techniques, such as sampling and live performance.

Abstract artists often draw from poetry, psychology, and other forms of academic thought, which makes their lyrics more complex and intellectual than traditional rap. While some listeners may find the abstractness intimidating at first, this style of rap is actually very accessible to those who have the time and patience to explore its depths.

In the 2000s, abstract hip hop gained popularity as a distinct genre of hip hop. Many artists in this style use unconventional beats and lyrical content that avoids the typical hip hop conventions, such as braggadocio or everyday problems.

Aesop Rock is one of the most iconic abstract hip hop artists in the world, with an album that has been hailed as one of the most important in this genre. He mixes fat beats with thug samples, creating a sound that is both cinematic and immersive.

The French MC is known for his unique style of hip hop, which includes a blend of traditional and experimental elements that have become an integral part of the genre’s history. His album “A Journey Into Abstract Hip-Hop” is a must-have for all fans of this genre.

There are a lot of great artists involved in abstract hip hop, but few of them are as influential as Aesop Rock. His music is a mix of lyricism, beats and production that have been praised by many a DJ, including Kendrick Lamar.

Another influential artist in the abstract hip hop community is Madlib. He is best known for his work with artists like MF DOOM and Public Enemy, but he also released a series of albums that have been highly regarded by many other hip hop enthusiasts.

His most recent album, THUNK, is a masterpiece of hypnotic rhythms and intricate raps. It’s an ideal introduction to the genre for newcomers, as well as a record that will continue to impress veteran hip hop heads for years to come.

The Albums

Abstract hip hop is a unique subgenre of hip hop that combines engagingly cryptic lyricism with often experimental beats. It’s one of the most diverse and interesting genres in rap, with artists spanning from A Tribe Called Quest to The Roots to The Game.

While the term “abstract” might conjure up thoughts of dark, twisted subject matter and shady production, the albums on this list are actually some of the most vibrant, exciting and uplifting releases from the past year. The music ranges from hard-hitting gangsta rap anthems to delicate love songs to deep and meaningfully personal confessionals.

There are a few key artists who have made this genre a force to be reckoned with, and it’s clear that they all stand out as important voices in the history of Hip Hop. Some are known for their incredibly intricate lyricism, while others are more skilled at crafting snarling bars with an underlying sense of humor and even self-deprecation.

The best abstract hip hop artists are those that have mastered the art of blending a variety of sounds and styles into an immersive and compelling listening experience. They have a knack for delivering lyrics that are both evocative and captivating, while simultaneously staying true to their roots.

Aesop Rock is one of the most influential and acclaimed MCs in this genre, and his lexical range is unparalleled. He’s also known for his ability to create a truly distinctive sound.

Another great example of an artist who is able to blend a wide array of sounds and styles into a single record is French duo L’Agence. Their 2002 album is a masterclass in experimental hip hop, with fat beats, old school melodies and thug samples layered into cinematic atmospheres.

As a result, the tracks on this album feel like they are in a different world entirely from their rap counterparts, and the results are an unmissable musical experience that you simply can’t put down.

God Don’t Make Mistakes is a truly special album for any underground fan. It elevates Conway’s reputation to a whole new level, but it also serves as a wonderful introduction for those unfamiliar with his style. The artist is a master of crafting lyrically rich and rewind-worthy Hip Hop loaded with easter eggs, and the music he’s put together here is nothing short of incredible.

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